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Put Your Thinking Caps On  Jenny Baker
 Oct 13, 2000 15:35 PDT 
Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

I'm sure your weekend is shaping up with heaps and gobs of free time.
Right? So of course, you need more online reading material to keep you
busy. Fortunately, I've got that! Check out Salon.com's Mothers Who
Think section for some interesting articles for and about mothers,
wives, and occasionally, ex-wives, as the case may be. (There are
articles about children too, but one would hesitate to claim the
articles are "for" them, even if they are "about" them.)

Those familiar with Salon already know that the site has a decidedly
liberal bent. Mothers Who Think is no exception. Recent features have
been on subjects such as why gay couples make great parents and why
pro-life folks should support the FDA's recent approval of "abortion
pill" RU-486. Whether you agree or disagree with the politics behind the
articles, there's always this point of consensus about them: Every
article on the site is well-written and thought-provoking. And in case
your thoughts are provoked sufficiently to share, many pieces have
accompanying bulletin board where readers can toss in their $.02 (look
for the feature called Table Talk).

Step into the Salon for some things to read:

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