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Approach of the Hallowed Eve  Jenny Baker
 Oct 17, 2000 17:58 PDT 
Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

If you have kids, I bet they're getting pretty excited for Halloween
just about now. There's the thrill of coming up with a costume, actually
going trick-or-treating, and then the culmination of it all -- heaps and
gobs of glorious tooth-enamel-destroying CANDY!

As you may imagine, there are tons of sites online devoted to various
aspects of this upcoming holiday. I have taken it as my job to root out
some of the better ones for you, and tell you about them occasionally in
the remaining time between now and All Hallow's E'en.

All Hallow's E'en, you ask? Yes, that's what it used to be called,
before the words got combined into the shorter version by which we know
it today. And that gives me the idea to start us off with a couple of
sites that give the history of Halloween. If you'd like the longish
version, you might want to check out Hell2U.com's version. If you just
want the short one-page overview of the originally Celtic celebration
also known as Samhain, you can find that in Tartans.com's short article
on "The Origins and History of Halloween." Whether you go for the short
attention span version, or the long, they're both pretty interesting
little accounts on the origins of the favorite holiday of every kid (and
many adults).

Here's the long version: http://www.hell2u.com/hist2.htm

And here's the short version: http://www.tartans.com/halloween.html

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