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Where in the Cyberworld...  Jenny Baker
 Oct 18, 2000 16:42 PDT 
Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

Ah, the Internet. You just can't beat it when it comes to an
inexhaustible wealth of information, all at your fingertips. Say you
suddenly and inexplicably need to know who sang that timeless classic
"Hey, Won't You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song." The
answer, for all the good it will do you, is a scant few clicks away.

Come to think of it, maybe that's a bad example. Because really, there's
a lot of useful info out there too! It's just a question of knowing
where to find it amidst the copious quantities of dreck. One area where
the Internet truly excels in quantity -- and general quality -- of
information is recipes. You can find recipes online to make literally
anything -- and probably several variations on the dish to boot. But
where are the best places to look, no matter what it is you want to
make? Today, I'll mention a couple of those best places. But since that
barely scratches the surface, I'll save the rest of the sites for the
rest of the week!

A great first stop, no matter what you want to cook up, is the UC
Berkeley Searchable Online Archive of Recipes. Their database of recipes
is mind-bogglingly huge, and very easy to use. Their site has several
categories, broken out either according to which course a dish is
(appetizer, main course, dessert), or what region or ethnicity it comes
from. It's here:

If you're a big fan of soup, like me, there's only one online soup
source you need to know, and that is the Soup Song site. Prepare to be
amazed at the unending variety and versatility of soup when you visit
here: http://www.soupsong.com/

Stay tuned for more great recipe sites tomorrow!

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