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L'Chaim!  Jenny Baker
 Oct 25, 2000 15:56 PDT 
Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

A long time ago, back when our list first started, we spent a couple of
days talking about lists that would help to keep you healthy. As with
health itself, this isn't a topic you can visit once and be done with it
-- it's an ongoing concern. And since I've come up with a couple more
good lists on health, I thought now might be a good time for us to once
again focus our attentions on the topic.

First, check out the Women's Health America list. This one works by
picking one women's health-related topic per week, and giving you a
whole bunch of info on it. Each topic also comes with links to suggested
"Recommended Reading" to further your knowledge, as well as links to
related products from Women's Health America. So yes, they are trying to
sell you something, but that doesn't mean you *have* to buy it. You
could just benefit from their comprehensive reports on topics like
hormone replacement therapy, breast cancer, endometriosis, migraines,

The second list to check out is the Women's Diagnostic Newsletter. This
weekly is more of a high-level survey of several topics relevant to
women's health. Additionally, each week they have a feature that's as
important to your continued health as diet and exercise: the "Humor is
Healthy" section. You know what they say: "Laughter is the best
medicine." This newsletter makes sure you have that covered, along with
a bunch of other healthy topics too!

Women's Health America is here:

Women's Diagnostic Newsletter:

Related Info at Topica

Women & Family Channel

Women's Health Category
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