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Dealing with Divorce  Jenny Baker
 Oct 30, 2000 14:13 PST 
Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

Last week, in talking about step-parenting, I got a bit ahead of myself.
It appears I entirely overlooked an event that often precedes
step-parenthood -- that is, divorce. Certainly, divorce is no less
traumatic (and often more so) than step-parenting, for both parents and
kids alike. So let's back up a minute, and have a look at a place online
that might offer a bit of help for getting through that difficult time.

The site is called DivorceSource.com, and it has info on dealing with
just about every aspect of divorce, up to and including (I cringe to
say) a "divorce calendar." Who knew that divorce could be accomplished
on a neat little timeline, perhaps complete with deliverables and
milestones for benchmarking? Scheduling issues aside, at
DivorceSource.com you will also find a lot of information about helping
kids emerge from the experience of divorce as unscathed as possible.
There are articles on how to tell kids about an impending divorce, as
well as how divorce generally affects kids of different ages and
genders. For your own assistance, there's a link to info on divorce
laws, an article on child custody and visitation, and various resources
to assist in determining the appropriate level of child support.

This is another one to file in the category of "In the hope you'll never
need this..." The unfortunate reality, I'm afraid, is that many parents
and families will need such info and support at some point in their
lives. Just in case, here is where you'll find it.


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