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Vote Early, Not Often  Brett Mendel
 Nov 03, 2000 18:25 PST 

Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

Since I won't talk to you again until after Tuesday, I'd like to spend a
final moment on the impending election. I'm sure you've done your part
to be well-informed about the important choice you're going to make on
Nov. 7. In the process, you probably noticed that sometimes the
candidates didn't make your information-gathering attempts any easier
with their tortured rhetoric, big promises, and frequent contradictions.
Do any of you really know what either Bush or Gore have said about
Social Security, one of the most important issues of this campaign?
Sure, there was a lot of discussion of magical lock boxes, 2 percent
returns, and guaranteed minimum payments, but does anyone *really*
understand the intricacies of each candidate's proposal?

It's getting down to the very last chance to figure that out, so here's
some help in making sense of it all. First, I'd like to point you in the
direction of yesterday's Finance and Investing Tip for Women, which was
on the subject of Social Security and Campaign 2000. The tip will give
you a quick, straightforward overview of the differences between Gore's
plan and Bush's, and how those differences are likely to affect you, as
a woman, in the long run. So, you might want to check out that specific
message (and the list in general, since it's a very good one), which is
located here:


(You may have to cut and paste the entire URL into your browser if the
link doesn't work by clicking on it. If it still doesn't work, click on
the following link and then click on the link for 11/02/00:

Once inside this article, you will notice a link to a site called
PublicAgenda.org. If you really want to get into the details of the
Social Security proposals, this is the place. They've got all the
background info that you'll need: Overviews, Fact Files, Quick Takes,
three differing viewpoints, and Notable & Newsworthy recent news stories
on the subject. That's only half of what's available at their site; the
other half is an extensive investigation into all aspects of public
opinion on the Social Security problem. Huge amounts of info, and very
much worth a visit before you cast your final vote next week. You'll
find it here:


The power's in your hands come Tuesday. Use it wisely (and preferably
only once on that particular day)!

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Get your last minute questions, venting out of the way.
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