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RE: New league structure  John Nichol
 Aug 08, 2001 01:00 PDT 

were you involved in sorting out the Scottish Premier league structure
last season :-).

The potential problems I see with your approach are to do with the
number of teams given players can be in. Having lost out badly in the
past in the start of season draw to see who can keep players I think the
problem would come if we then needed to re-jig teams mid-season. It
seems wrong to break up a winning team mid-season due to league
restructuring, the alternative though is that a player could be in every
side in the champions league.

Also I am in the Premier league already, why would I want to lose my
status. I qualified for the champions league on merit last season, is
this an attempt to let relegated dirty mag teams have a second chance?



Paul Roberts wrote:
 I came up with a problem when looking at the number of teams we have
year. At the moment, it looks like there's going to be around 28, which
would be two divisions of 14. This would mean only 26 fixtures, and
we want more - the other possibility is to play all other teams 3 times,

which would mean 39.

However, I came up with a more radical proposal.

The two divisions are scrapped. At the start of the season, all teams
divided into groups (if there are 28 teams there would be 2 groups; if
there'd be 3). Each team plays all other teams in the group twice, so
if there are 30 teams that would mean 18 games. At the end of this, the
half of each division would go forward to play in the "Champions
to compete for the overall title. This would consist of 16 teams (the
highest points-scoring 6th-placed team would also go through). All these

teams would then play each other once to decide the destiny of the

The remaining 14 teams would go into a second division where they would
play each other once for a consolation prize. Both divisions start at 0
points when competing for their respective league titles.

There are two major advantages to this system: firstly it makes it more
flexible in engineering the total number of fixtures, and secondly it
the season alive for longer for the majority of teams.

Any comments? Can anyone suggest any improvements on this, or any major
flaws I've missed?

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