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RE: New league structure  John Nichol
 Aug 09, 2001 08:05 PDT 

I agree that we don't want too few games. As long as the rules are clear
up front thats all that really matter. Losing players mid-season is a
pain as generally the other good players are already taken.

Losing Super Kev & Becks didn't hold me back that much last year. But I
have a feeling Super K will be scoring for fun this year, 35-40 goals,
so he is going to be one to have.


Paul Roberts wrote:
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were you involved in sorting out the Scottish Premier league structure
last season :-).

Oh, this is FAR better than that ...!

 The potential problems I see with your approach are to do with the
number of teams given players can be in. Having lost out badly in the
past in the start of season draw to see who can keep players I think the
problem would come if we then needed to re-jig teams mid-season. It
seems wrong to break up a winning team mid-season due to league
restructuring, the alternative though is that a player could be in every
side in the champions league.

Yes, I agree this is a potential problem. I know you and Emma have been
unfortunate in the draw - still, it could be that it's your turn to be

If there were 3 groups of 10 teams I would allow 3 teams in each group
have the same player. If that later became 2 divisions, one of 16 and
one of
14, I'd probably allow 5 in one and 4 in the other to give greater
flexibility. In theory it could be that all the teams who have one
particular player end up in the Champions' League but I suspect that in
practice that won't be the case.

In any case, I actually don't think it's a bad thing that teams lose
players - in the long term it means that the most popular players get
around more.

I think one thing I may do is allow a mid-season transfer window where
could make three changes the way they do in the close season - so that
be seen as compensation for losing a player.

 Also I am in the Premier league already, why would I want to lose my
status. I qualified for the champions league on merit last season, is
this an attempt to let relegated dirty mag teams have a second chance?


No, it's an attempt to let relegated organisers' teams have a second

It's actually just been prompted by the number of teams I've got this
I don't want to have a league season of just 26 games or even less. This
it's more flexible and it keeps interest alive for more teams for

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