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List Name fiannainn (fiannainn)
Purpose:     Welcome to the Fianna Inn's Mailing list.
If you are under seventeen, please get your parents permission to subscribe to this list.
You have permission? Or don't need it because you are over seventeen? Read on.
This is the mailing list for a Role Playing Channel., called the Fianna Inn. Any In Character Post is okay, in character, which is, IC. But, I must spell out what is not okay.
It's simple. Really. No spaming and no profanity, Out Of Character, OOC. Do not use four letter words to make OOC points. If you are new to the game, that means no personal shots using profanity. IC is In Character, which hopefully is how most will post here. OOC, is Out Of Character,.., which means, just you talking to us, as people not characters, when you do that, do not use profainy to make your out of character point. There are 41 pepole reading what you write, Out Of Character, please keep that in mind.
No, I will not step in and unsubscribe folks arguing, IE, Flame Wars, as long as you do not get, profane. I might take a personal interest and chew on your tail in mail but I won't unsubscribe you for getting heated.
This is a service so we can all send to the group, stories, the ideal reason, pics, personal info, personal problems whatever, just keep it clean folks, when OOC.
I will state it again, in case you missed it, I do not fool with IC posts. This "Is" the World Of Darkness. In Character, is IC, that I do not touch, reguardless. You can, hopefully, assume that all reading your IC posts are 17 and your stories are being read by folks that can handle it.
    As much as I hate to do this,... My mail address is jharris@cwnet.com, so if things are not working, let me know,... I'll sure try to figure a way to fix it.

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