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List Name Flycasters' Castaway Society (Flycasters)
Purpose: Hi everybody! I'm creating a mailing list is open to all former employees of Flycast Communications Corporation. This list is for:

* Networking and keeping in touch with fellow Flycasters (even if you currently work at Engage, we're all Former Flycasters now).
* Sharing public information about what you're up to.
* Discussing the online ad industry, or just about any other industry!
* Posting job listings, etc.

The following should NOT be posted:
* Confidential information of any kind. You can go to Topica and view the subscriber list to know who is receiving your messages.

By subscribing to the list, you are publishing your e-mail address to all other subscribers, even if you don't post. This list has no official connection with any company.
Website URL: http://flycasters.tripod.com
List Type: Unmoderated discussion
Subscription: Requires owner approval
Archive: Readable by subscribers only
Created: Oct 06, 2000
Owner: Dylan Salisbury
To Join: Subscribe here, or send an email to flycasters-subscribe@topica.com
To Post: Send mail to 'flycasters@topica.com'
Stats: 118 subscribers / < 1 messages per week
Categories: Business  |  Employment  |  Former Employees

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