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List Name False Memory Syndrome & Repressed Memories (FMS & RM)
Purpose: A support group and discussion area for False Memory Syndrome [FMS] and Repressed Memories.

Definitions: Lay-person style:

Repressed Memories are simply that - repressed or forgotten memories. These memories are TRUE, they REALLY did happen and were simply forgotten. This could be as simple as suddenly remembering a person left their car keys or as nasty as Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

For purposes of this support group, we take the position that Repressed Memories are indeed real. Pure science and common sense dictate that Repressed Memories exist.

False Memories are simply that - memories of events which are NOT TRUE. We distinguish these memories from exaggerations of the truth. False Memories can be introduced by sinister means like brainwashing or improper use of hypnosis or as casual a means as simply starting to believe a lie which has been told over and over again. Children in hotly disputed divorce cases will most likely be told untruths about the other parent to the point that these "lies" become "truths".

For purposes of this support group, we take the position that FMS indeed is a real phenomenon. There exists enough scientific evidence to state that FMS is a real phenomenon and common sense would dictate that as well.

Since Repressed Memories and False Memories DO EXIST, the trick is to discern or differentiate between the REAL memories and FALSE Memories.

Like every other support group, we disdain flame wars. [Highly charged personal attacks or arguments which are based on the "you don't know what you are talking about" line.]
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Created: Oct 20, 2000
Owner: Michelle Picard
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