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Re: Elsevier Maths Web portal  Steve Hitchcock
 Apr 18, 2002 04:32 PDT 
Dave,       Yes, the Maths portal is more clearly accredited to Elsevier. I
was concerned with the Preprint Server
In this case to recognise the Elsevier interest it seems to me you have to
go to the privacy statement or disclaimer pages, which will not be noticed
by the casual browser but will presumably be noted by diligent authors.
Elsevier's low-key presence here may be appropriate - "Elsevier Science
simply acts as the distribution medium and makes no claims on the material
posted on the server" - or it may be strategic.

Steve Hitchcock
Open Citation (OpCit) Project <http://opcit.eprints.org/>
IAM Research Group, Department of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
Email: sh9-@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 3256     Fax: +44 (0)23 8059 2865

At 07:05 18/04/02 -0400, David J. Solomon,. Ph.D. wrote:

Thanks for the notice. In fairness to Elsevier (not that they would ever
return the favor) It is stated in the first line of the "About this Site"
that it is Elsevier.

"MathematicsWeb is an on-line platform provided by Elsevier Science
offering full text articles of over 55 leading mathematics journals and
services to facilitate your research in pure mathematics, applied
mathematics and statistics."


At 11:02 AM 4/18/2002 +0100, you wrote:
 From FOS Newsletter, 4/15/02:
 * Elsevier Science has launched Mathematics Web, a portal of free online
mathematics articles, including a preprint archive and a database for
mathematical citation tracking.

This is interesting. The Mathematics Web portal is clearly Elsevier (if
not overtly so, e.g. no logo). The preprint link takes you to the
Mathematics Preprint Server. I've visited this site before and had no
idea it was an Elsevier service. In the light of this notice I looked at
the site again and still can't see where this is indicated. The 'about'
page makes no mention of this - something about what it is, but not by
whom. There is an advisory board.

Maybe I should have guessed by the use of Preprint in the name, but
Elsevier would be by no means unique in this respect. Others mistake
preprint for eprint; for Elsevier it is very specific.

This appears to be an example of Guedon's assertion with regard to 'open
article archives' such as the Chemistry Preprint Server that: "I believe
Elsevier is testing ways to reconstruct a firm grip on the evaluation
process of science in the digital context". How significant is the
low-key approach to this, I wonder?

David Solomon, Ph.D.
A-202 E. Fee Hall
E. Lansing, Mi 48824

(517) 353-2037 Voice
(517) 432-1798
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