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Re: UX Designer at Cengage in Boston, MA  Todd Chapin
 Jul 22, 2010 00:51 PDT 

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On Jul 21, 2010, at 10:19 PM, Todd Chapin <top-@destinys-darlin.com> wrote:


UX Designer at Cengage in Boston, MA


We=E2=80=99re adding to our dynamic, creative UX team. Here=E2=80=99s a lin=
k to a posting
for a job that could be a great fit for a member of Boston CHI:


Here=E2=80=99s what it says:


The Cengage ADP team is seeking a User Experience Designer with experience
in the academic market designing online learning. This position plays a key=

role in designing next-generation products, particularly for the web/mobile=

software market. You will be part of a team that is designing highly
scalable, next-generation, feature-rich, digital learning and e-publishing
solutions for the academic market. This position currently reports directly=

to the Principal Web Interface Developer.

*Core Responsibilities*

   - Conduct and present research on user needs and emerging trends.
   - Design learning flows and interactions based on a deep understanding o=
   21st-century students and instructors.
   - Collaborate with subject-matter experts on the design of
   discipline-specific instructional strategies.
   - Represent best practices and emerging research in web-based learning,
   user experience, and relevant technologies throughout the product and
   project design process.
   - Conduct user research and informal usability studies of prototypes and=

   existing products.
   - Facilitate design strategy development by balancing the needs of
   diverse stakeholders to craft product decisions and user requirements.
   - Create, document and promote templates, guidelines, and standards for
   content, interactivities, and interfaces.
   - Participate in and work closely with product managers, designers,
   software architects/developers, QA analysts, etc., as well as in broader=

   cross-functional product lifecycle management initiatives.

* Qualifications *

The ideal candidate will possess demonstrable experience in the following

   - Bachelor=E2=80=99s or master=E2=80=99s degree in human-computer intera=
   instructional design, or related discipline.
   - Minimum 2 years in user-experience design, or in instructional design
   and user research.
   - A portfolio that shows proven experience in designing creative,
   learning-related interactions and interfaces
   - Experience storyboarding, wire framing, prototyping, user testing, and=

   designing documentation for information-architecture flow.
   - User research, usability testing and accessibility issues.
   - Passion for and demonstrated knowledge of user-centered design.
   - Experience designing online learning is a plus.

   - Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills.
   - Ability to organize, prioritize, coordinate, and implement multiple

* Highly Desired** Skills/Experience*

We are especially interested in candidates with specific domain knowledge i=
one or more of the following areas:

   - Industry experience (education technology, e-learning, online
   publishing, higher education, or similar)
   - Familiarity with challenging areas of online learning such as student
   engagement and retention, adaptive learning, remediation, higher-order
   levels of thinking, online formative and summative assessment,
   social/collaborative learning, instructional systems design.
   - Utilizing a broad range of interactive, creative and intuitive
   instructional methods as appropriate, such as rich media for learning,
   simulations, games, and interactive case studies.
   - Experience designing and/or implementing large-scale, web-based,
   educational software solutions such as academic, corporate or public
   learning systems or services
   - Mobile interface design across a fast-emerging set of mobile
   platform/device contexts
   - Experience working with subject-matter experts in technology, science,=

   math, engineering, business, or similar disciplines.
   - Expertise in accessibility issues for online application.

We=E2=80=99d love to have this posted for Boston CHI members! If you have a=
questions, please let me know.

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Thank you.


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