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Re: Donna's Indignance  Donna Thompson
 Mar 18, 2005 18:45 PST 

I don't care if I'm liked or not, my issue is that my name was excluded from
genius-list, its because I'm not liked by Dan, all because he thought it was
him I called an Asshole, and it wasn't him at all. But, now I do think he's
an ASSHOLE. His head is in the sand like an ostrich
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Subject: RE: [genius] Donna's Indignance

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Andrew Wiseman wrote:
Donna Thompson wrote:
You've really hurt my feeling tremendously, I didn't deserve this.

Aww, Donna. You have been here so long and you still don't understand
the people you are talking to. If there is one thing you should
remember about people from this list (or most of the ones who talk at
any rate) is that they believe worrying about emotional states is
worrying about nothing - they don't matter. Dan couldn't care less if
he hurts your feelings - how you react emotionally to his posts is
completely immaterial in his eyes, if only because he believes you
shouldn't be feeling the way you are. Did you ever stop to think what
the point in the statement of yours I just quoted was?? Don't you see -

you are trying to get him to regret affecting your feelings - you are
trying to get him to do something he knows through his entire
metaphysical picture of reality is completely stupid.

Unlike a lot of people I don't-don't suffer fools lightly. Or maybe for

the sake of avoiding affecting your emotional state, I should re-word
that as being I don't-don't suffer those who I believe are fools
lightly. I hate to admit it, but I do think you only see a very small
part of the picture in arguments that go on here and I simply believe
that you are not as intelligent as you claim to be. (I accept, though,
that you will probably have certain mental merits that exceed those of
others here in very certain ways.) My point is, though, that most
people don't suffer fools lightly - especially those who's reasoning
tells them its completely pointless and idiotic to do so.

If I knew you in real life, for the sake of keeping the peace I would
never mention what I really thought of you, and you'll understand that
people do that all the time. But you really should give up these kind
of worries completely when you are online. Few people here really care
what you think of them or whether they upset you or not. They are only
interested in having logical discussions with logical people. Whether
or not they believe you are one of these logical people is a different
matter - one that you have addressed numerous times.

Because I am not the same as many people here, I will try and extend an
arm of friendship with you, even if this is simply because I am reacting

to irrational deep rooted feelings inside me which urge me to be
friendly to anyone who is friendly to me. I think what Dan said to you
would be seen by most people to be extremely harsh and unjustified. But

if you just stop to think what type of person he is, I think you will
realise you are actually worrying about nothing.

And look, don't go and do what you always do and get really excited
cause someone said something nice to you. If you want people to like
you here, stop reacting emotionally to everything. - even though that
advice isn't going to be relevant for much longer...



Well, well...

Good advice!

Excellent de-icer (hopefully promote -healthy- dialogue worthy of this


ps- to Donna- Any more encounters with the long, bony hand of The Alien?
(old boyfriends never die - they just 'shrivel up'.) hahahah

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