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Re: Donna's Indignance..Dan  Dan Rowden
 Mar 18, 2005 19:30 PST 

Donna wrote:

 Dan you admitted you knew how I would react to the exclusion, so you left
my name out deliberately then, creating my dismay.

Your logic needs a lot of work, Donna. Yes, I knew you would be miffed at
not being included because you have a narcissistic personality, but that's
not why I excluded you - or the dozens of others, Your contributions to
the list simply didn't warrant your inclusion. Fair dinkum, you should
hear yourself. It's embarrassing.

Your current histrionics does nothing but prove I was right to exclude you.

 Your nature is mean abusive and calloused,

Yes, I am abusive, but I am not callous. I am actually an extremely kind
man. A callous person would have deleted your account long ago. Truth is
you owe me for my tolerance of you till now, but you'll never comprehend

 See the anger you've created, which didn't have to be.

Don't blame me for your own emotions. You need to take responsibility for
that. How womanly of you.

 What harm would it have done to add my name to that list? You are clueless
to the harm you've caused for me.

I have caused you no harm at all. You are responsible for your own
reactions. And frankly, it's scary. The criteria I had for inclusion is
something you simply didn't meet. Can you explain why you haven't expressed
indignance over my exclusion of certain others? Are you really that

 And then you callously say that I need psychiatric help
This doesn't bother me, although you hoped it would.

I hoped you might consider the possibility, because you actually do need it.
I don't mean to hurt your feelings but how is that to be avoided? You need
to be told.

 You see Dan the most brilliant people are mentally affected, I've been
doing studying at Harvard Universiy via-the-internet on mental illness.   I
 a high I.Q and I have more of a mental skillness than a mental illness.
I've never regarded myself as being a braggart, just someone who speaks

You are deluded. Certainly you have a very active mind but that is simply a
consequence of the particular mania you suffer. You need to look into it.

 Everybody sees how I seem, only Marsha pointed out my true

Trust me - you ought be glad she's not here right now.

 She is for real, and speaks honesty from what she
perceives, which makes her good. Because her perceptions are 100% correct.
You on the other hand are the opposite. Marsha could have torn me apart if
she was so inclined to do so, but she didn't and I respect her for that.

I have no idea what to say to that..........

 Everybody sees how I seem

Yes, and I'm the only one with the guts to point it out to you. Fool that I
am since I know I'm wasting my time.

 And no Dan I don't need to see a shrink,

I didn't suggest a psychiatrist. Shrinks don't provide therapy. They
dispense drugs.

 if I did I'd be the first one to know. But, I think you should go to
someone and take care of your booze problem, because alcoholism
makes people abusive, I know. And I'm sincere about this!

I'm sure you are. I've never questioned your sincerity.

 I seldom ever get angry,

That is a lie and the reason I suggested therapy. You are permanently angry
and you are completely unaware of it.

 and the only reason I've been emotional is because anger was inflicted upon

Anger cannot be inflicted upon someone. Take responsibility for your own

 Anger is a normal emotion,

Anger is egotistical, delusional nonsense.

 I thought mine was pretty much controlled.

And you were wrong - very, very wrong. Please note that.

 But, because I display my anger in a honest way, you Dan resort to your
lowest by stating I need psychiatric help.

It's because of the nature of your anger that I suggest that. Am I the
first to do so, Donna? Be honest.

 I am leaving this site and the other one, but not before I've said
everything I'm going to.

Make up your mind. One second you say you're not going to
post anymore and the next you say this - and yet you complain about my
callousness in suggesting you need therapy! Stop and think for a
minute, Donna.

 You see Dan I've learned in life to expel my anger
immediately rather than suppress it.

You expel it by expressing it. Can't you see that? That's what murderers
do as well. You need to think about why that anger emerges in the first
It's a rarely known thing called "thought".

 You are the only reason I'm leaving.

I don't care. I am also the reason you're still here.

 Any intelligent person would have been insulted,

Intelligent people don't feel insult. Only stupid, egotistical people
experience that emotion.

 I feel I contributed as well as others on here. No better, but just as

I don't. Am I not entitled to my opinion? Also, you don't know most of
those others so you are not entitled to compare yourself.

 You shit all over my words by excluding my name.

Your words are mostly shit.

 For the first time in my life I bared my true inner self to people,

The first time? I doubt it.

 because I was coming out of my shell.

Ok, I acknowledge that might be so, but you chose the wrong place to do it.

 I spoke, I was rejected by you, kicked off the list by you,

Hang on! You are still posting aren't you?   Say crap like that to me again
and I will delete your account. My patience is at an end! <feigns

 brow beaten,

Everyone here is brow beaten. Do you know what real philosophy is?

 mind raped, and spoken down to.

And you love it. That's why you keep posting incessantly.

 And you call your site a Genius one.

That's Genius-L It an "l" not a "1". It's email shorthand for "list".

 I endured it all, even though I was aghasted by what was being said to me.

That's your choice.   Take responsibility for that choice.

 Well, I must see all of this as Fate, something meant to be, as there is a
reason for everything.

No, there's no reason for anything. Things have causes, not reasons.

 I know I was nasty to you Dan in the things that I've said here to you,

That's ok. You are being sincere. You are just delusional behind that
sincerity. I am not upset with you, Donna, I am simply being candid, which
I think you need.

 but its cause and affect, derived from an emotion we call anger, but you
were nasty for no real reason, whats your excuse.

I have not been nasty. I have been candid. If that upsets you that's your
problem. I am not responsible for how you react to something as I cannot
control that. No-one can.

 I don't hate you Dan, I am disappointed in you,

I don't care. I never asked to be appointed.

 because I really honestly did appreciate your intellect, and I really did
expect to see my name on that list, and yes it was a devastating blow to
my integrity, I was intensely emotionally hurt by this, the impact all this
has had on me is like a mocking deserving slap-in-the-face, yet I don't
feel I deserved such meaness, degradation and rejection.

You are being hysterical. I mean, I know you're female but that's no
It isn't that important, Donna. Get over it. Get over yourself. You
didn't warrant inclusion. You don't know the history of the list or most
of those other people. You are being horrendously arrogant.

 I know you stated you don't care shit, the difference between you and I is
that I do care shit, especially shit, you see there's to much shit in our
filthy world of corruption, and its all man-made!

 You are intimidated by me Dan,

No, I am frightened by the level of your narcissism. Any sane person would

 thats why you didn't include my name. Its not easy living with my

I'm sure it isn't.

 I've suffered rejections all of my life from inferior thinkers.

You need to reconsider the reason for such rejections.

 I'm preparing for University classes coming up in September, I know you
could care shit, I'm doing this to channel my energies positively. Perhaps
I will grow out of my mental illness, or perhaps I will become a dangerous
thinker and then really have a mental skillness.   You Dan would like to
have people believe I'm no thinker, but I think I've proved I am.

Actually, in the last couple of days you have demonstrated that you are not.
I wish you could see that. You have an interesting mind, Donna, you just
have no control over it at all. You need to see that.

 You're the reason Dan, why I'm leaving the forum.


 Go ahead and post this if you've got guts, but please don't leave anything
out like you did before.

What did I leave out before? As I've pointed out to you previously, YOU
posted this to the list. I don't vet posts to the list. They go through
automatically. Don't accuse me of editing when I haven't. I have no
tolerance for that kind of nonsense.

 I expect more rejections will come my way in my future,

Me too.

 not because I'm mentally suggesting this to myself, but because I'm
genius, and only genius will understand me.

 Goodbye to you Dan, you won't be hearing from me anymore,


 as I won't stay where I'm not appreciated enough to go on the list.

Ok, so go already!

Good luck with your studies, Donna. I hope it brings you some peace of

Dan Rowden
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