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List Name Global Reach Marketing (GLRM )
Purpose: SEE - READ - TRY - SHARE - KNOW all about no-spam online advertising: such is the main topic of this moderated list which will also serve as a general information support for any subscriber's programs and those listed on the Global Marketer's Treasure Cave.
We will boldly, yet lucidly and fairly, review the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY in various issues relating to advertising resources and services, and in so doing we will attempt to show where a reasonable marketer should draw the line to steer a safe, smooth and effective course towards his/her ultimate goals of success, health, happiness, and prosperity.

There are two ways to join this list: -- through the Topica JOIN box on these pages: http://gr.netfirms.com/advertiz.htm, --
http://gr.netfirms.com/FFAsd.htm -- and directly by email invitation by the owner or any subscriber. In both cases, all potential members must pass through two anti-spam locks: registration and list subscription, and enable cookies in their browser settings.

There have been, and there are still many abuses occurring on both sides of that 'hot' issue known as spamming. This list will strive to strike a moderate stand and reach a balanced conclusion on this issue, taking at its basis the US anti-spamming legislation, which is perhaps the first attempt by any government to define the previously vague notion of spam, a notion which was previously subject to far too many interpretations by both corporate entities (service providers) and individual netizens.

Once that notion and the related concerns of many netizens, including service providers such as ISPs and Topica, eGroups, et al, has been clarified, we will then review in detail the different no-spam advertising resources that the Net provides.   

Please note that all the resources listed on the No-Spam Advertising page of the Global Marketer's Treasure Cave, of and by themselves do indeed meet the US anti-spam legislation criteria. They can also be used by anyone in the world who is connected to the Internet.

Although the list is moderated (to keep posts on topic), the opiniated list owner, yours truly, is very much open to two-way communications and can be contacted both on- and off-list, at any time, through the Topica web site.
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Created: Sep 25, 2000
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