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Toilet Training by Mistress Anonymous  Mistress xx
 Feb 09, 2008 00:29 PST 

We are receiving mails from ladies and mistresses worldwide who got into
toilet domination getting inspired by our website and mailing list. We
have decided to post those experiences on this mailing list.

Forst in the series is the Toilet Training Method posted by one of the
Mistresses - we call her Mistress Anonymous as she requested to withheld
her name. So Read it .......

Toilet Training by Mistress Anonymous

1st and most obvious is taste. It will take practice for your slave to

adequately deal with the taste of human excrement without gagging or

throwing up.

Your colon can serve your slave much more than his mouth can

comfortably hold. In order for things to remain sanitary, you're slave

will need to be able to swallow faster than it comes out of you. This

is more difficult than it sounds. In fact, in order for this to even

be possible, your slave will need to get used to swallowing your

excrement without chewing. Depending on the consistency of your stool,

your slave may need to soften it slightly with his tongue, but he will

need to do this incredibly fast.

Your bladder can hold FAR more than your slave's mouth can hold as

well. Also, if you use your slave for number 2, you should never have

him touch his lips to your vaginal area because of risk of infection.

For sanitation, be sure to always have your slave rinse his mouth out

well and use mouth wash to kill bacteria before the final cleaning.

The following is a guide that a mistress could follow roughly for

training a full-time toilet slave. If you are only interested in

training your husband/boy friend/whatever to be used on occasion in

this way, you may follow this guide loosely:

Training a full-time toilet slave:

First, let me dispel your thoughts about how horrible this would be to

do to someone. There are thousands of men out there who fantasize

almost exclusively about servicing a woman in this way. To take

someone in and train them to become what they desire to be is not

horrible--you are allowing a man to fulfill his deepest and darkest

fantasy. Don't believe me? Just do a Google search for "toilet slave"

and count how many personal adds you run across from guys wishing to

become one.

Alright, so there are guys out there who want to become a toilet, but

why would I want to use a man as a toilet? The most common knee-jurk

reaction of most women reading about the idea of keeping a full-time

toilet slave is usually along the lines of "That's preposterous. Why

would anyone want that???" My advice to those women that ask this

question is to relax and give the idea some time to sink in. The first

time I heard of a man wanting to become a full-time toilet, I thought

the idea was preposterous too. Eventually, once I got over my initial

discusted reaction, I slowly began to realize beauty in the idea.

Paradoxically, the beauty is in the extreme obsurdedy of it. There is

such a Marquis de Sade erotic appeal to reducing a man to such a

pathetic device. In fact, there is no fate which is more pathetic than

this. To take away all of a mans dignity by transforming him into my

full-time personal toilet... is unlike anything I've ever experienced.

In the world of BDSM, a toilet represents maximum contrast between

inferiority and superiority--just imagine being able to experience

this ultimate realization of superiority every day.

Training an effective toilet slave is unfortunately quite a challenge.

Even though there are many men out there who fantasize about becoming

a woman's toilet, few turn out to become effective at it. Few can

tolerate the taste and even fewer can ingest quickly enough not to

make a horable mess and smell. Training a man to become your toilet is

almost always more of an undertaking than initially realized.

Over the years, I've come up with a regime that has proved extremely

effective. If followed on a slave, I promise wonderful results. Slave

is a keyword here. This guide is to creating a full-time toilet slave

with no other purpose in life other than serving you during your most

personal moments. A true slave is a wonderful and difficult thing to

find these days. Many who claim to be them do not truly know what they

are claiming to be. This guide assumes that you already are lucky

enough to have a slave and intend to train him for this role. If you

want to train your husband or some other man who is not a slave to

become your toilet on a part-time basis, this guide can be followed


Before you begin, it's very important to make sure you don't allow

your slave to masturbate for at least a month. The most effective way

to do this is through chastity. I've used several variations from

http://www.chastitytube.com.../ in the past-these are somewhat pricey,

but extremely well built. Most of these require a chastity piercing:

something every slave should have. I recommend a PA. A man that has

been denied release for over a month will be easier to mold into a

role as your toilet.

Second, it's important that your slave be broken in. I assume since

this is a "slave" you've already taken care of this, but for those of

you who don't know what I'm talking about, let me spell it out a

little clearer. A broken slave is terrified of you. You should be able

to smell his fear. Keep in mind that more often than not it is the

anticipation of pain that breaks a slave more than the pain itself, so

take your time. Make sure he knows what is coming well in advance.

When you are not in the room, I recommend playing a looped mp3 of your

voice speaking to him in a deragatory way. Keep it loud enough so he

cannot sleep at night. You get the idea... Use whatever you need to

break him. Detailing the possibilities and techniques for breaking a

slave down psychologically is beyond the scope of this document. I

don't have to describe to you how to tell if your slave is broken.

Believe me... you will know when it happens.

Third, make sure you have a toilet suitable for your slave before you

begin. Most mistresses prefer siting in a chair designed for a toilet

slave rather than squatting directly on his face. While squatting

certainly works, it is much less comfortable than a chair especially

if you like to take your time. If you'd rather not buy your own, why

not have your slave make you one before you commit him to his fate? It

should be comfortable enough to sit on for long periods of time. Even

if your slave lacks carpentry skills, a wooden box, couple of holes

and a toilet seat on top isn't rocket science. If you want your slave

to prepare you a toilet chair, there are many possibilities... I used

the following to create a very solid toilet. The total cost was about


16x16 solid wood planters box
wood glue (to fill cracks)
Metal & wood enamel (for waterproofing)
Sand paper (grain depends on wood type of planter box)
Toilet seat
Screws and screwdriver
1 small coping saw for cutting out the neck
1 larger crosscut or rip saw for cutting the planter's box in half
A couple of boards to use as the lid

The 16x16 planter's box is the only item that may be difficult to find

at any local hardware store. You should be able to find one online

(check eBay). Keep in mind that if your goal is to reduce stench via

and air tight seal between your slave's mouth and your butt, the hight

of the box will need to be reduced accordingly. If contact with your

slave's face is undesirable, you may consider looking into rubber open

mouth gags available at most websites that sell bondage supplies.

One last thing you should keep in mind before training your slave: Try

to resist the urg to laugh while training your slave. While the

temporary flush of emberrismant that a laugh can bring is lovely to

watch, long-term it is very counterproductive. You should generally

avoid showing your slave any emotion accept anger when he disobays and

perhaps an occasioinal smile when he performs his function

exceptionaly well. Your slave should never think of himself or the

acts he is doing as ammusing--your goal is for him to get to the point

of feeling completely normal while performing them. Laugh as much as

you want when you leave the room, but be sure to bite your lip when he

is watching.

I.Phase One: 1 month
The first phase is mostly psychological. It prepares you and your

slave mentally for the two stages coming up. Honestly, the most

important part of this phase is that you feel comfortable being

watched by your slave. If you are sure that you already do, you may

shorten this step to a couple of weeks, but I don't recommend skipping


On day one, secure your slave in chastity in the bathroom. Give him a

bucket to relieve himself. Restrain his hands and legs as much as

possible. Do not allow him to groom, wash himself, or brush his teeth.

Tell him what you intend to turn him into. Tell him that soon, this

will be his only purpose in life. Use graphic words that will stick in

his mind when you describe what you intend to do to him and how he

will react.

You will Ask him to nod his head to acknowledge that he heard you, but

under no circumstances allow him to speak. This will be the last thing

you say to him during this phase. Be sure not to speak to him at all

after this. His fate should be the last thing he hears from your

mouth. Don't give him anything else to think about.

The only decoration in the room should be a list of rules. Something

like the following will do:

[beginning of poster]
"My sole purpose for existing on this planet is to service my mistress

as her toilet and bathroom aid. I will respect and worship her waiste

and presence as devine. I am blessed to be given the honor of this

service and am eternally grateful to her for allowing me to take on

this responsibility. Without which, I would be without purpose and

entirely worthless."

I am to never speak.
I am to never cry.
I am to never laugh.
I am to never make eye contact.
I am to always remain quiet.
I am to always keep the bathroom clean.
[end of poster]

Keep the lights off while you are not in the room. Before using the

bathroom, wait a couple of minutes for his eyes to adjust before you

go. You want to be sure that he sees you in the process: If he's not

watching, force him to look without words. As soon as you are done,

turn off the lights. The only thing he should see this month is you

going to the bathroom, all he should hear is what he will soon be

receiving splashing into the water of the toilet.

You must shower, brush your teeth, hair, etc in another bathroom. Be

sure to NEVER allow your slave to talk. He will never be allowed to do

so again unless directly asked a question-which you should avoid

doing. Punish him severely for speaking without being asked a direct


By the end of this phase, you should have no problem doing your

business while your slave is watching. You should continue this

training until you feel completely comfortable, no matter how long

this takes.

For food, one full can of dog food a day will condition his stomach

for what's coming. I recommend Alpo brand: Hearty Loaf Beef, Bacon &

Cheese. One full can a day will suffice. Be sure he finishes it. Give

him a daily supply of fresh veggies. Some broccoli, carrots, etc...

whatever is cheap. Make no effort to prepare them--serve them to him


Keep him dehidrated. Dehidration will keep him in a confused/delerious

state of mind, which is good during this phase. He should receive only

a couple cups of water per day. If he needs more, he will need to

drink his own urine.

Once a day, force your slave to take a shot of apple cyder vinegar.

Make him hold in his mouth for 10 minutes before swallowing. If he

gags, throws up, or shows any discontent, make him do it again (up to

4 times-at which point beat him instead).

II. Part Two: 1-3 Weeks

After a month, your slave should be ripe enough to begin his second

phase of training. This month will get him used to being in close

contact with your gifts. The smell and taste will take time to get

used to, but the vinegar and dog food should have conditioned his

stomach and gag-reflex suppression abilities enough to keep it down.

This is a particularly difficult month for the trainer because there

is no avoiding an awful stench. If necessary, use something to plug

your nose while implementing this phase of training.

Begin by taking the chastity device off your slave. Keep his hands

restrained behind his back so it is impossible to masturbate. Also

stop giving your slave doses of apple cider vinegar and reduce his dog

food intake to a quarter can per day. Reduce his veggie intake

proportionately as well. This is to ensure that he will be

uncomfortably hungry unless he decides to eat what you give him.

You will want to keep your slave in the bath tub for the entire week.

Plug the drain so that no water can escape and do not allow him to

leave the tub to use the toilet-Force him to wear an adult diaper,

which will overflow by the week's end-this is OK and intentional. Not

only will he be in regular contact with your excrement throughout the

week, he will have to soak in his own. For the next couple of weeks,

instead of using the toilet, use the tub whenever you need to take a

shit/piss. I recommend not going on top of him, but in easy reach-this

will allow him to approach it at his own pace.

Once you finish, force him to lean over and shove his nose and face

into your excrement. Ask him to pick some of it up with his mouth and

keep it in for several minutes and swallow some. If it doesn't gross

you out, I recommend getting some latex gloves, and using them to

smear it thoroughly over his face--including his mouth. It's a good

idea (but not critical) that he has an erection during this process.

Monitor him and if he doesn't have a hard on, you may help it along

with some gentle friction using a toilet brush or plunger (DON'T use

your hands). Make sure to NOT allow him release. It is in this way

that your slave begins his sexual-fantasy reprogramming. It is your

eventual and inevitable goal to get your slave to the point of only

being able to achieve an erection while in the presence of feces.

Another important part of this phase is that your slave stay ungroomed

and unwashed. During this period, he should be under constant

influence of the smell, taste, and feel. Make sure to get it deep into

his hair--if your slave has a beard and mustash, be sure to get plenty

into it as well. He will have his hands restrained behind his back and

will be unable to wipe it out. Avoid actually getting shit up his nose

because this will restrict his ability to smell.

Be sure to turn off the lights when you are finished. If you ever

catch your slave in the process of, or find evidence that he released

his load, be sure to punish him so severely that he will never think

of doing so again. Denial is important because it keeps his mind

focused and in a state that makes the process much easier.

Each time you urinate, have him drink it (do not make contact with his

mouth since his mouth has been in contact with excrement and not

cleaned, it is not safe). If you can't comfortably do so when your

slave is in the tub, urinate into a water bottle and squeeze it into

his mouth. Force him to drink it all. If he spills any (which he will

surely do), whip him moderately. I recommend using something you can

afford to get rid of after the week (such as a flexible stick or a

wire close hanger), since your slave is not allowed to clean himself.

Also, reduce his water intake to only 2 cups a day so he is always

thirsty when he receives your urine.

Always use paper when you are done during this phase. You can dispose

of it in the toilet, or throw it in the tub with your slave--up to


It's important that you talk to your slave only when absolutely

necessary. When you do, be sure to call him what he is.

Lastly, here's an important piece of advice to use on a beginning

toilet slave. If he is having trouble swallowing either your urin or

excrement, you may help him by shoving shit deep into his nose. Use

your latex gloves and cram enough so that he will not be able to

breath out of it. This will restrict his ability to taste what you are

giving him and will make things MUCH easier for him. If you want,

don't allow him to blow it out and let it dry up deep inside his

nose--this will take weeks to get out completely and somewhat

ammusing/fun to do.

III. The 3d phase: 3 months to a year

By now, your slave should be almost ready. During this phase you will

train him to eat your shit very quickly--quickly enough that he should

be able to swallow what you give him faster than you give it to him.

Your slave will need to get used to swallowing your shit without

chewing it in order for this to be possible--something that takes all

toilet slaves some time to perfect. Some use their tongues to soften

it slightly before swallowing. The amount of time required by slaves

to perfect this important technique varies wildly from slave to slave.

In some extreme cases, it can take months before a slave can ingest a

good size stool very quickly consistently (the worst case I've

personally run across was 6 months, but have heard of cases taking up

to a year). Eventually after enough beatings and practice, your slave

will get it. Don't give up on him!

Hygiene will be another important part of this final stage. Begin the

week by forcing your slave to dispose of his diaper, take a shower,

brush his teeth, floss, and use mouth wash. You should force him to

clean his teeth and mouth after every use. He will also be required to

groom himself to your specifications: hair length, hair style,

beard/mustache, calone, deodorant, nails, etc. Have him clean and lock

himself into chastity once again.

For this phase, you should go number 2 directly into his mouth. Have

him lie on his back in the tub with his feet in the air. Sit over the

side of the tub, so your butt is roughly 4 inches from his mouth and

legs spread with your knees roughly 12 inches apart (sit on a towel or

pillow for comfort). Have him hold a bowl in one hand to collect any

urine that spills during the process. This will take some

coordination. The goal here for the slave is to keep up with you and

not spill anything.

All toilet slaves find this phase the most difficult of the 4 phases.

Be sure that you have given you slave stools of a variety of different

consistencies. Experiment with all sorts of different foods. If you

have to, use stool softeners-this is not recommended though for more

than a couple times a month. Softer stools tend to have a more intense

flavor and smell and may cause your slave to throw up or gag the first

few experiences; however, softer stools are much easier to swallow

quickly. If your slave continues to struggle for more than a couple of

months, you may want to try using anti emetics to suppress his

gag-reflex. I recommend not allow your slave the pleasure of cleaning

you until he has earned the right by being able to ingest quickly

without gagging.

Occasionally, if your slave has done a particularly good job, allow

him to remove his chastity and masturbate immediately after ingesting.

Don't ever allow him to do this more than once a month. Be sure to

always keep your slave in chastity besides these very brief

encounters. He will remain in chastity for the duration of his service

to you as a toilet slave.

Given the absence of nightly erections your slave's penis will begin

to perminantly and continuously reduce in size (length and girth).

Eventually, it will be too small to ever please a woman, which is an

important physical goal. To help facilitate this transformation, make

sure to use a chastity device that gives absolutely no room to grow in

width or length.

III. Phase 3 Part 2: Cleaning (1 day to a week)

Now for the fun part. For most mistresses, this part of the experience

is why they train a toilet slave to begin with... There is nothing

like the sensation of having your ass cleaned by a man's tongue. Your

slave should thoroughly clean his mouth before this process. I always

make my slave wash his mouth 5 times with water and 30 seconds with

mouth wash before this step-be sure that your slave does this very

quickly-He shouldn't take longer than a minute to prepare his mouth

for your ass. Once your slave's mouth is clean, instruct him not to

let his tongue wander far from your hole. It's extremely important

that his tongue stay far away from your vaginal region to avoid

infections. Alright, here's how I like to have my slave do it:

Have your slave hold a glass of water in his hand and cup his lips

around your hole and begin by moving his tongue up and down to clean

the surface. His tongue should feel cool with fresh water from

rinsing. Then his tongue should enter your hole approximately two

inches and make small circular movements. His tongue should stay in

for about 2 seconds, then retract and enter again. This should happen

about 3 times. He is to then wash his mouth out with cool water and

repeat the process until he is sure it's perfectly clean. Once squeaky

clean, your slave will gently dab you dry with a clean towel.

By the end of phase 3, you should notice that your slave is beginning

to enjoy himself more than previous phases. He will start to crave

these inimate moments with his mistress and anxiously wait for them

throughout the day.

IV. Phase 4: The final stage

Ah, the final stage. Your slave is finely ready. Test out your slave

to see how well he performs. The next time you go number 2, have your

slave close his lips around your ass hole and not let any air slip by

while ingesting your gift. This is the moment that you've worked so

hard to attain. Relax and enjoy it.

Once tested successfully several times, it's time to start using your

slave outside of the tub. Most western cultured women prefer the

comfort of a toilet designed for a toilet slave (see notes about this

above), but most Asian mistresses I know, prefer to squat directly

above or on top of their slaves head. Experiment and decide what works

best for you.

Lastly: Your slave is an investment of your valuable time. Like any

valuable possession, you want him to last a long time. Therefore,

continued maintenance of your slave is important.

Generally, if you and your toilet slave are healthy, the daily

ingestion of your stools should not lead to any serious health

problems as long as you supplement it appropriately. It is certainly

not necessary or encouraged to prepare anything fancy for your slave.

Make sure that he receives plenty of fiber to aid in his processing of

abnormally high amounts of cellulose. Broccoli, whole grain breads,

dried fruits, carrots, cabbage, etc are all great examples. A nightly

vitamin is also a good idea.

Once every 6 months, have your slave remove and clean his chastity

device and penis. You will also need to train him to milk himself once

a week or so in order to keep his prostate healthy. A cheap curved

anal toy can be used for this (found at any sex shot). Eventually,

after being locked in chastity for over a year, you should see a

noticable decrece in size of his erection. Take a picture of it and

hang it on the wall next to another picture of a real man's erect

penis as a constant reminder that he is of no other use to a woman.

Exercise is also important. As much as I’d love to just keep my

slave bound indefinitely to my toilet, this is unfortunately not a

realistic long-term plan. Regular movement and exercise is important

to prevent bed sores, atrophy, and to keep his muscles flexible. A

daily routine of sit-ups, push-ups, and running in place will keep him

in reasonable shape to continue his function.

Enjoy. I hope this guide serves you well in your toilet-slave

training. Be sure whomever you begin this training with is awair and

consenting of his fate. There are plenty of people out there to

choose from... believe me.

Mistress Anonymous (Name withheld on requeast !)


We want more Toilet Slaves - slaves to be used as our toilets in our

den. If you are interested

send $500 through Paypal (https://www.paypal.com) to

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Permanent Toilet Harem !!

Mistress Jasmin
Golden Brown Den
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