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List Name Grub & Grog (Grub&Grog)
Purpose: This thrice-weekly newsletter will give you the lowdown on everything related to food & drink -- from cooking tips and recipes to recommendations on wine to help with general kitchen know-how.

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Grub & Grog Newsletter

by Jenny Baker

I might be making a leap in logic here, but it seems to me that those who like to cook, like ... cookbooks. Right? And people who like cookbooks know that these recipe collections are most definitely NOT all created equal: There are good ones and very very bad ones. But since you can't judge a book by its cover, how are you to know which is which? By reading cookbook reviews, of course, which you can find in the aptly named Cookbook Reviews list.

Here's why I like this particular list: List owner TeAntae Turner loves what she's writing about, and it shows. She loves food, she loves cookbooks, she loves trying out and rating the recipes, and she loves telling you about it. It's kind of hard to remain aloof from that kind of enthusiasm. Here's another reason to love this list: You not only get reviews, but also a sample recipe or two from the cookbooks she's trying. Although I'm not sure copyright attorneys would be too thrilled about that, it does give you, the reader, one of those rare chances to "try it before you buy it."

And try it you should. If it prevents you from buying some overpriced book by a famous chef whose recipes you could never replicate, then I think that makes it worthwhile.

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