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House Beautiful  Topica Editorial
 Dec 20, 2000 16:07 PST 
Grub & Grog Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

Perhaps, in the course of your holiday baking, you've experienced a
certain ennui. Possibly you've determined that little gingerbread boys
and girls just don't do it for you anymore. You've been there, done
that, and one too many times at that. Maybe you're ready to move on to
more challenging and elaborate gingerbread forms -- you know, taking
your Art to the Next Level.

I think the next step is obvious: the gingerbread house. Anyone who has
tried this feat of culinary craftsmanship knows that success in moving
from 2-D baking forms to 3-D ones is NOT a given. Your first few
attempts at this progression are likely to yield all sorts of disasters
-- roof cave-ins, buckling walls, cracked foundations. If this were
happening to your house in real life, you'd consult an expert without
delay. I recommend that you do the same thing in baking life. What
expert? How about Lespinasse Restaurant's pastry chef Chris Broberg.

You can check out Mr. Broberg's Gingerbread House Workshop (yes, that's
really its title) over at StarChefs.com. There, expect to find not just
gingerbread recipes, but also tips and even templates to keep your four
walls standing straight and proud. The result is sure to be a House
Beautiful indeed, at least until some teeth tear into it!


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