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Break Out the Bubbly!  Topica Editorial
 Dec 28, 2000 15:58 PST 
Grub & Grog Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

It's nearly time for New Year's, and you know what that means: Amateur
Night in every bar across this fine land of ours. There's another area
where amateurishness frequently appears at this time of the year too.
I'm talking about the inexperience that manifests itself when people are
trying to choose champagne.

Because champagne is usually thought of as a "special occasion" drink,
most people don't buy it too often and consequently don't know too much
about it. One thing that everyone who has tried champagne does know?
There is no hangover that compares to how sick cheap, nasty champagne
will make you.

To avoid this, I have two suggestions. First, don't buy cheap champagne.
Second, don't drink that much to begin with. Since I don't want to get
into that whole pot-calling-the-kettle-black hypocrisy, I'll stick to
helping you out with the first one.

For basic information on champagne and sparkling wines, along with
recommendations for most price ranges, head on over to Wine
Spectator.com. Here, you can learn a bit about the region in France
(called -- who could have guessed? -- Champagne) that produces
champagnes and sparkling wines. You can also find out that the most
recent vintage in release is from 1995, which turned out to be one of
the most outstanding years for champagne in recent memory. In other
words, now is a really good time to buy!

Wine Spectator:

And in case you buy, and perhaps drink, a bit too much of the old
bubbly, then you should be sure to check out FoodTV.com's site, where
they have a section on hangover remedies. Wouldn't it be funny to see
what kind of increase in traffic *that* site gets right around

FoodTV's Hangover Remedies:

Happy New Year to all! Grub and Grog will be back to its regular
schedule starting on January 2.

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