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Footloose and (Nearly) Fat Free  Topica Editorial
 Jan 04, 2001 15:52 PST 
Grub & Grog Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

I am still on a post-holiday, low-fat kick, so I hope you'll bear with
me on it for just one more day. By tomorrow, the low-fat spree will end
up like so many other resolutions: well-intentioned but short-lived.

Before giving up on the topic entirely, I wanted to be sure to mention
one more place to find lots of really great low-fat recipes. It's the
TipWorld Low-Fat Recipe of the Day list here at Topica. Unlike many
other low-fat recipes you may have seen, these ones are for flavorful
dishes you might actually want to eat! Notoriously absent are the usual
bland examples that so often show up when the subject is cooking
healthier, lower fat foods. In other words, no broiled chicken with a
side of plain white rice. Instead, check out some of these yummy recent
offerings: crab meat spread on green peppers, cheese souffle, chicken
with wine, baked scallops, and icy orange grapefruit cocktail, to name
just a few.

Not bad, huh? And guess what? Not bad for you, either!

Get info here: http://www.topica.com/lists/tipworld-lowfat/

Or subscribe here: mailto:tipworld-lowf-@topica.com

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list info: http://www.topica.com/lists/tipworld-foodprep/
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