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How Sweet It Is  Topica Editorial
 Jan 09, 2001 16:35 PST 
Grub & Grog Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

When it comes to wine, what do you prefer? Red or white? Dry or sweet?

Whether you answered dry or sweet, that was kind of a trick question
(the red or white part was straightforward enough though). Truth is,
most wines -- both red and white, with the viticultural aberration
known as "white zinfandel" excepted -- aren't particularly sweet,
because by the time they reach your palate, all of the fruit sugar in
them has been fermented into alcohol.

So, am I saying that every wine is a dry wine and that your taste buds
are all wrong if you think you've had some wines that were noticeably
sweeter than others? Nothing of the sort. What is perceived as sweetness
in wine is actually referred to by the term "fruitiness" or "fruit."
And, as you may have tasted, there are some very fruity wines indeed out
there, ones with so much juicy flavor it seems to explode in your mouth.

If that is precisely the taste you're trying to avoid, what you're
looking for is a wine with balanced fruit. With reds, this means that
there are also tannins in the wine; and with whites, it means there is
some acidity -- great info if you happen to know what kinds of wine are
a bit tannic or a bit acidic.

And if you don't? Help is on the way. First, visit one of my favorite
Topica lists: the TipWorld Wine Tip of the Day, by wine expert Robin
Garr. If you check out the message from Dec. 19, 2000, you'll see a
handy little general guide to how "sweet" it (i.e. the wine) really is.

That's here: http://www.topica.com/lists/tipworld-wine/
Or subscribe here: mailto:tipworld-win-@topica.com

For another good explanation of sweet vs. dry, visit StarChefs, and
check out wine writer Alexis Beltrami's column.

That's here: http://www.starchefs.com/Wine/tips_02.html#two

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