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Okra, 300 Different Ways  Topica Editorial
 Mar 19, 2001 16:52 PST 

Grub & Grog Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

What would you guess might be the main attraction of a site called
Cookbooks.com? You'd think so, but in fact, while Cookbooks.com does
have some info on cookbooks, it's mostly a resource for avid golfers ...

Alright, I made that up. Even so, cookbook reviews really aren't the
main attraction at the site. The reason to check it out is for the
impressive recipe database -- more than a million recipes! I'd say
"picky" doesn't begin to define someone who can't find something they
like when there are, literally, a million choices (not that I'd dare
accuse any of you food enthusiasts of being picky. Never!).

There are two ways to access the recipes on the site. To get to the
database, you need to go through a registration. The process is simple,
and free. If you don't like giving out personal info on registration
forms, you'll be relieved to find the only required field in the
Cooksbooks.com registration is your email address. Once you're
registered, you can search the database for any recipe your heart
desires. As an example of the mind-boggling volume of recipes the site
has, I searched for okra, and got 300 results. Yes, 300 recipes with
okra. Who knew?

If even an email address is too much to ask, it's OK. You can still
access some recipes on the site (and submit your own). Click the link to
the User Recipe Area. Here you'll find an index of recipes nicely
divided into Vegetables; Soups; Desserts; Meats; and so on. Particularly
interesting are the recipes under the Heritage heading -- these are over
100 years old. Just like grandma used to make!

Here's where to find it:

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