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Mar 17, 04 - Bart Simpson in the Arctic  Global SchoolNet
 Mar 17, 2004 14:59 PST 

Mar 17, 04 - Bart Simpson in the Arctic

It happened, I actually had fun today! Maybe it's that I'm getting used to
being out here, or I've been out here too long, but I had fun today.

The terrain was the most challenging yet, with many high pressure ridges and
Miles of jumbled pack ice. But I also found a very nice, freshly frozen lead
to follow. It made all the difference in the world - at least to me.

I crossed over many leads, some with very thin ice. I've found that I like
the tricky sections, there's risk, challenge, and the purity of the
adventure. At one lead I used my sledge as a bridge and ran across the top.

Also, the ice takes so many different forms and shapes. Recognizable figures
start to appear. Today I saw Bart Simpson, the head of a tyrannosaurus rex,
and an elaborate Spanish bull. The other day I saw a hammer, and often see
lots of pyramids.

The weather was decent, though a wind continued to blow from the South. This
is good for two reasons; it's not in the face searing my flesh, and it's
blowing me North, helping my mileage rather than rob it from me.

Towards the end of the day the ice started to flatten out. The pressure
ridges decreased in height though there were many more leads and thin ice.

I topped off my day with a tasty beef enchilada dinner and a fresh pair of
socks. Not bad for another day in my Arctic office.
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