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Apr 18, 04 - Never dull in the arctic  Global SchoolNet
 Apr 19, 2004 10:45 PDT 

Apr 18, 04 - Never dull in the arctic

Hello, did you have a nice day? Well, it's been mixed for me. I made
some good mileage in faster time than ever before. But I also talked to
the company that is handling my expedition travel and it wasn't good

They will close Borneo earlier this year, on April 29th. This changes
things a lot for me. I was also told the ice conditions are horrendous,
so no hope of making 15-25 mile days towards the last degrees. So, now I
need to find the money to pay for resupplies and a pickup from the pole
at a later date, if I am to reach the pole on my own power. I'm working
on my options.

I went through tough ice today. There were some nice large pans, but a
good share of pressure ridges and open water leads. Fortunately I didn't
need to swim today, being creative to cross open sections. A couple of
times I skied over very thin ice, being careful not to break through
into the frigid ocean water.

Now I'm right at the edge of 86 Degrees latitude! My other ski binding
broke, otherwise I would've kept going for a few more miles, but made
just about 9. I'll repair it and keep going towards the pole.

Physically I'm a train wreck. Yes, that ankle still hurts with every
step, but has been helping me get towards the pole. The bigger issue
these last few days has been my eyes. For some reason they have been
swelling, nearly shut. My vision is blurry and I've lost most of my
depth perception. When I'm outside, after about 7 hours with the cold on
my face the swelling goes down and I can see better. It's taking me a
long time to write my update, and skiing is certainly a challenge.
Waiting for a possible answer/cure/remedy from my doctor. Problem is
that I likely don't have anything to treat them with me. Nobody said an
expedition to the pole was easy.... But I keep trying!

Today's update is dedicated to the kids at 9th grade Academic Reading &
Writing Students of Luther Burbank High School, Paris Elementary School,
and the other many schools worldwide. Your interest and feedback in my
expedition have made me very happy, even at times nearly brought tears
of joy to my eyes. Thank you, and I hope I've had a positive influence
on you. Remember, you can make your dreams reality, but only if you try!

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