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Apr 20, 04 - Take action!  Global SchoolNet
 Apr 20, 2004 17:43 PDT 

Apr 20, 04 - Take action!

Well, looks like I'll be ending the expedition a bit earlier than I had
hoped. They want to take me off the ice this weekend, and without an
alternative for getting back to land, I'll have to go.

I will get to go to the pole however, and this pleases me greatly. Ill
have accomplished nearly everything I set out to do, at least everything
within my power. I know to some it may appear that I didn't succeed at
reaching the pole, solo and unsupported, but to me I gained many

I wanted to thank all of the people and children that so graciously
wanted to help me continue the expedition. Your thoughts and efforts are
deeply moving and truly appreciated. Unfortunately, I needed just over
$100,000 in a couple of days - greed is rampant out here.

My eyes are getting better, and I could open both this morning. Still
not perfect, but an improvement over yesterday. I did make some miles
today, but took it easy.

Of course I had to practice my famous 'faceplant' maneuver, and sure
enough, I can still do that fine. I also got to swim today, but didn't
have to swim too far, only about 30 feet. It was warm (about 5F), and

I felt more like a tourist today- until I had to swim. I took lots of
beautiful pictures and video. I plan to make a DVD and make it available
for others to see more of what my expedition was like. Many have
commented on the pictures I take. I use two different Nikon digital
cameras, a Coolpix 3100 (most of the pics you see are made with that
camera), and a Coolpix 5400. These cameras make creating beautiful
pictures easy, thanks Nikon.

I do have a request of all my visitors and people that have been
following my expedition. Inspiration is only part of things, you have to
take action. Many of you have followed along with my journey, and I've
tried to inspire you. Now take that inspiration and take action. Do
something nice for someone else, try something new, maybe help your
parents, kids, or even yourself - but take action!

There are three words you'll find on my websites; Envision - dare to
dream and create a plan. Inspire - get motivated and charged to do your
plan. Accomplish - follow your dream or your plan, take action! Without
action, inspiration is merely just feeling good. Write me and tell me
what you did, how you took inspiration, and then action to accomplish

Today's dedication is to Fréderic Chamard-Boudet. He was one of the
other solo polar explorers and his expedition ended very early. I think
about you everyday Fréderic, often taking steps on the ice and hoping
you can hear and see what I'm experiencing, as if it were you out here
too. I look forward to seeing you again, and am glad that you made it
back home safely.
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