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Apr 22, 04 - Will I stay or will I go?  Global SchoolNet
 Apr 23, 2004 09:21 PDT 

Apr 22, 04 - Will I stay or will I go?

Sorry my updates have been a bit late these last few days. I know there
are many people that read them, look forward to them, and so forth.

All hope is not lost! There's a chance that the expedition may continue!
Any chance is better than none. Timing is getting tight, as they are
still planning to pick me off the ice in about 36 hours. If I get a
commitment for the funds to have a later pickup at the pole, I'll be
able to continue.

Either way, whether I get to continue or I get pulled off the ice early,
I'm happy. Of course there would always be disappointment if I don't get
to continue, but this has been a richly rewarding experience, mostly
because I've been able to touch the lives of so many people around the

This afternoon I got to speak via satellite phone (thank you World
Communication Center, www.wcclp.com), with the Ein Ganim school, Ms.
Gorem's class in Israel. Many of the kids had prepared questions, well
thought out too, and the whole class sang me a song. It was truly
touching and special for me!

In a few minutes I'll speak with Mr. Santana's 3rd grade class at Temple
Heights Elementary school in Oceanside, California. Being able to touch
these young minds has positive benefits to us all. Hopefully these kids
will take their experiences and enthusiasm and apply it towards making
our world a better place for us all.

I didn't break camp today, instead I was concentrating on getting
everything in place should the funding come through to continue my
expedition. I have to arrange for fuel and food resupply, pickup
logistics, and a medical supply drop. My doctor, Dr. Rich Lee, went to
great lengths to get a package of needed medicines and supplies on its
way to me. Thanks again Doc!

My eyes and face swelling is improving. On the inside I'm a 'happy
camper', and looks like my exterior will be getting Back to normal soon.
My ankle is still painful, but it too us getting better.

I'll get moving fast again in the morning in case the funds come through
for me to continue to the pole. Thank you all for your continued

Today's update is dedicated to Ms. Johnson's class at Loma Vista
Resource school in Whittier, California. Thank you very much for your
avid interest and support in this expedition. Get it out there, do your
best, and you too can achieve things you never thought possible!
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