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Apr 23, 04 - Still going to visit the pole  Global SchoolNet
 Apr 24, 2004 17:51 PDT 

Apr 23, 04 - Still going to visit the pole

Well, looks like its going to be the end of the WorldWideLearn.com North
Pole Solo expedition soon. Though many people tried, and went beyond the
call of duty and friendship, we just couldn't make things work for a
later pickup from the pole.

I'm very sorry to disappoint so many of you. Sometimes there are forces
beyond our control, no matter how hard we try, and we have to accept
another path.

I'm not too disappointed though. I'll come back from this expedition
with a treasure chest of memories and experiences, pictures, video, and
the knowledge that going to the pole helped and changed more than just
one man. I'm really elated that people, children and adults, were able
to share and partake in my, our, adventure.

I'll still have a few more days here out on the ice. I hope you'll
continue to follow along. I'll be going to the North Pole in a day or
two, and I'd like to share that experience with you all.

I got such great feedback from you my visitors. I'm really looking
forward to sharing my South Pole Solo expedition with you in November.
Being able to relate my experience while out on the ice became a much
greater reward for me than I ever could have imagined.

Many people have helped me over this
last year to get to this point, a place on the globe that few have or
will ever get to. These last few days several people were trying very
hard to help arrange a later pickup from the pole so I could continue.
Dave Cooper, you really impressed and surprised me. Dr. Rich Lee,
unbelievable. Lori Nitahara, amazing. Charlie over at Congresswoman Anna
Eshoo's office helped get me medicine I need. My sponsor, Angela Lovett
and WorldWideLearn.com have supported me since the day we met.

Even though I am just one man trying to fulfill his dream/goal, there
are literally hundreds of people and companies that generously gave to
help make this expedition possible. I thank you all!

Continue to follow along on these last days with me. There are likely to
be more surprises and adventure. Tomorrow brings another day and with it
another day of opportunity, splendor, and the chance to live out your
own dreams and passions.

For those that are interested, you can send me an email to be alerted to
when the book, DVD, and/or next adventure will start. Send emails to:

And now back to the expedition, it's not over yet!
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