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May 3, 04 - Back on Terra Firma in California  Global SchoolNet
 May 03, 2004 16:05 PDT 

May 3, 04 - Back on Terra Firma in California

I'm back! Back to sunny California.

In fact it's been over 90F degrees the last several days, quite a change
from the last two months out on the polar ice. An average difference of
120 degrees. I'm adjusting to being back, got some good rest, and am
trying to readjust. I feel like a foreigner in my own land.

Getting back from Norway went fairly smooth. Nearly 24 hours of travel
and I was in San Francisco. I reflected on all of the travel to get from
home, to the North Pole, and then back again.

I'm healing well, though my ankle is still an issue. I have appointments
with specialist and my expedition doctor this week. We'll find out how
bad I got hurt, and get on the road to recovery. My eyes are still a
little blurry and I'll see an eye doctor. My face is healing, though
it's easy for people to see I went through something dramatic.

I'm still trying to get my bearings, being back, getting adjusted to
being around people again, not being on the ice. My dreams are always
about being on the ice, negotiating over pressure ridges, dragging my
sledge, even taking helicopter rides. I cant escape the polar ice, its
engrained in my soul and system now.

I'll still be updating my website in the next several weeks as I wrap up
this expedition. I'll also be adding a photo gallery of images that I
wasn't able to share with you while on my expedition. The DVD, book, and
some other items from the expedition are in the works, and for those
that contacted me regarding those items, youll be alerted when they are
available. And of course I'll be working hard on my next
expedition/adventure: South Pole Solo www.southpolesolo.com

The picture is of me flying the American flag at the geographic North
Pole. There were many pictures I tried to send out that for some reason
I was unable to. I hope to show you more of my trek to the pole, and
will be uploading a photo gallery in the next week or so.

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