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May 11, 2004 - Sushi and broken ankles  Global SchoolNet
 May 17, 2004 14:21 PDT 

May 11, 2004 - Sushi and broken ankles

I've been back a week and a half, and I can honestly say I wish I was
back out on the ice. In fact, I still dream about being out on the ice,
or have ice in every dream, every night. The ice has truly become a part
of me, inseparable.

I saw my expedition doctor, and the leading ankle specialist in the Bay
Area. Initial prognosis on my ankle is that I achieved a compression
fracture, torn ligaments, and a damaged nerve. I traveled nearly 140
statute miles on my broken ankle, I was very determined to reach the
pole. My face and eyes are healing, and only a redness remains. Ive
already been given the green light by my doctor for my upcoming South
Pole Solo expedition. They'll patch me together one way or another,
though I might require 2-6+ months of physical therapy on my ankle.

I've been busy giving many media interviews, doing tv shows and news
programs, and continuing to get adjusted to being back. I feel less like
a foreigner in my own land, even my English is improving. Ive also had
sushi 4 times within a week! Yum, like that sushi!

Recently I've gotten to see some of the pictures I took from the
expedition, and some of the video. I'm looking forward to sharing these
with visitors to my website, as well as putting together an exciting
DVD. The book should be finished by summer. I still haven't recorded any
of the music I composed from the expedition, but that will happen soon.

My last picture, of me holding an American flag at the North Pole seem
to disturb a few (mostly/only French) visitors to my site. Hey, I'm
American, and proud to be. I can't say we always do the right thing, or
the best thing, but at least we usually do something. I'm proud to
represent my country, and had the American flag on my sledges, clothing,
even my sleeping bag. And sure, American's have had a lot to do with the
Pole, now, in the past, and in the future.

If you live in the Bay Area, you can catch me on UPN Channel 12 this
Saturday around 9:20am, Sunday on ABC Channel 7 around 10am, and next
Friday, May 21st, on KPIX Channel 5 Evening Magazine between 7-8pm.
Also, my expedition will be featured on "The CBS Evening News with Dan
Rather" in the upcoming days, also later on "CBS Sunday Morning".

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