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Apr 19, 04 - Body-imposed rest day  Global SchoolNet
 Apr 19, 2004 15:33 PDT 

Apr 19, 04 - Body-imposed rest day

Still in the same place as I was yesterday. I woke up this morning and
my eyes were swollen shut. After some hours I got one open, and finally
the other has opened a little. It's likely a skin infection from the
frostbite around my eyes and face. The good news is that I have the
antibiotics to treat them, and hopefully they'll be better within a
couple of days. I plan to ski tomorrow so I hope they will function.

I've also been working on solutions to continue the expedition and reach
the pole. My title sponsor, WorldWideLearn.com has been wonderful, and
they might be able to help, or at least will help me find another source
of funds to hopefully continue to the pole. If so, I'll get a resupply
of food and supplies this weekend. If I don't get the funding, they will
pick me up this weekend.

Fixed my ski binding, I'm really pleased with the repair I made. It
should last through the rest of the expedition. I also did a little more

It was warm today, and I noticed some ice melting inside my tent. It
looks beautiful outside, though for me everything is blurry like I'm
supposed to be wearing glasses.

I've gotten used to being out here, alone, in a vast open space with
thousands of miles of ever-changing ice. Each mile is unique and offers
subtle surprises. There seems to be no logic for some of the ice
formations, contours, cracks, leads, and other things that make up this
forbidden surface. Each day one is also reminded that you are floating
on ice, a tenuous surface, and that miles of deep water is always
beneath you.

I didn't attempt this quest to reach the North Pole to 'find myself', or
discover more about myself. But one thing is certain, this expedition
has changed me, probably in ways that will take years to digest.

I've been very fortunate to be able to come here, to pursue my dream.
There have been many people that have gone out of their way, the extra
mile to help me get here. I feel truly lucky.

Today's update is dedicated to my main expedition doctor, Dr. Rich Lee.
He comes from a prestigious lineage of doctors, has been to Mt. Everest
and helped many people there, and has gone way beyond the call of duty
to help me in so many ways. Thank you very much Dr. Lee for your care,
expertise, and friendship. You are truly a gift to humans.
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