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List Name Hologram Tales (Hologram Tales)
Purpose: One of the world's best science fiction and fantasy lists.

If you are conversant with print magazines like Asimov's Science Fiction, Interzone, Starlog or SFX, you will know what you are getting here. More of the same, but delivered free every month into your e-mail inbox.

The newsletter is run by Hologram Tales, the SF magazine of SFcrowsnest.com (the first, and possibly only, sci-fi and fantasy search engine).

This list is used to send out a free magazine which features a range of tongue-in-cheek observations about the latest SF and fantasy movies, books, videos, model kits, comics and any other news scoops they can get their grubby little mitts on.

All the usual targets are covered ... Star Wars, Phantom Menace, Star Trek, DS9, Voyager, Xena, Iain Banks, Eddings, Jordan, the fan scene etc.

This list has a number of high profile subscribers, including George Lucas, Ken Livingstone, Arthur C. Clarke and Steven Spielberg.

It is also available for sign-up direct from their site (including a rich-graphic HTML version).

With a name-association with award-winning fantasy author Stephen Hunt (the publisher), and the deft touch of long-time fan editor Geoff Willmetts, Hologram Tales is usually brim-full of articles, interviews and reviews.

The thing we like most about this newsletter is its wry sense of humor - very British and terribly amusing (in a frequently rude Monty Python manner).

Highly recommended ... a Six Star e-mail newsletter.
Website URL: http://www.sfcrowsnest.com
List Type: Announcement (read only)
Subscription: Does not require owner approval
Archive: Readable by anyone
Created: May 14, 1999
Owners: SFcrowsnest, Stephen Hunt
To Join: Subscribe here, or send an email to hologramtales-subscribe@topica.com
Stats: 2452 subscribers / < 1 messages per week
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