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Free and easy way to help homeless children world wide!  DHARMA
 Jul 11, 2007 23:38 PDT 
Free and easy way to help homeless children world wide!   Posted by: "ilacc2005!!" ilacc-@yahoo.com   ilacc2005   Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:42 pm (PST)   1. free and easy way to help homeless children worldwide
Posted by: "beckeyla" beckeylaloves@ hotmail.com beckeyla
Date: Mon Jul 9, 2007 5:02 pm ((PDT))

Please use http://www.railwayc hildren-friends. com/email. asp as a
search engine for your internet searches and you'll raise a massive
10p per search! Please set it as your homepage for ease of use and
start raising money today ;)

You can have a snoop on the charities efforts at
http://www.railwayc hildren.org. uk

They are mainly a preventative charity, which in terms of being a
street child can mean the difference between a world of pain and
heartache and a life worth living. Railway children endeavour to meet
runaway children before pimps, pushers or abusers do. They are even
getting to help the kids in Siberia who are living in the sewers.

80% of their money goes straight to the projects, 17% fundraising, 3%
admin etc, so they are a 'fair-trade' charity.

10p a search is phenomenal and it means that the average amount spent
per child -44- will take 440 searches...its fairly usual for me to
search 20 items per evening, so that means in 22 evenings that ground
level support for a child is reached. http://www.railwayc hildren-
friends.com/ email.asp

There is a snag with the search page, which is that on entering a
search it automatically redirects to a normal search page for the
results. So in order that you keep raising money for the charity you
have to go back to the root page with the picture of the child for
each new search subject to raise another all-important 10p.

Thanks very much for your efforts and please do enjoy your days. Also
if there are any forums that you can forward this message or indeed
your own personal email contacts please do send this on, more the
better. ;) *

Has an email ever changed your life?

Learn more about the Youth Employment Script at: http://reinventingm oney.com/ documents/ MoneyEbook. pdf ,Chapter 22 in the Book of Money. Also check the Independent Liberal Arts Community Co-op (ilacc) at: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/ilacc/

Call or write if you need guidance and encouragement regarding Yoga.
Voicemail # 775-368-4002
ANYTIME FAX 775-314-3845
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