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RE: When people practice tyranny on animals...  Tomas W
 Sep 16, 2010 08:58 PDT 

Good read, thanks!
DHARMA wrote:
 Hare Krsna!
   The ksatriya is a chosen career. A ksatriya normally retires between 50
   and 65 years of age. Nowadays people who at least "pose" themselves as
   ksatriya are not retiring very soon.
   A devotee of God can become a ksatriya or work with ksatriyas if that is
   their chosen path. However, brahmanas and sannyasis turn to God for
   their ultimate protection. The ksatriyas, vaisyas, and sudras must
   therefore bow at the feet of the brahmanas, sannyasis, and paramahamsas.
      All lower classes must seek out and humbly accept instruction from
   the brahmanas, sannyasis, and paramahamsas.
   This has been the problem throughout human history especially these last
   5,000 years. All leaders or ksatriyas need to seek out the brahmanas,
   sannyasis, and paramahamsas for instruction and guidance.
   ys C dasa
   DHARMA http://japa-mala.org
just too many corrupt ksaitryas in bharatvarsha ,
exploiting citizens and destroying dharmic values...

--- Christopher Flores <sprou-@yahoo.com> wrote:

 DHARMA http://japa-mala.org
Employment is better than unemployment, but for too
many there is a turning away from values that make
us actually human. There must be ways to have
employment opportunity without resorting to hurting
the creatures of the earth.
   ys C dasa

Christopher Flores <sprou-@yahoo.com> wrote:
     Thanks! This is very unfortunate. The
principles of Dharma starts with virtues like
Mercy, Charity, Compassion, Humility, Pridelessness,
Self-control, Truth, and Education. If we are not
concerned about these godly virtues, then we may be
out of touch with our own heart.
   ys C dasa
   DHARMA http://japa-mala.org
but it is much bad in countries like india(animal
abuse) , very bad . vedic dharma of takin care of
animals is not being followed...

--- Anuttama <alice-@att.net> wrote:

 DHARMA http://japa-mala.org
Haribol Prabhu,

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila

   Call or write if you need guidance & training
   regarding Yoga Principles.
   Voicemail # 775-368-4002
   ANYTIME FAX 830-542-4092
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