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A note from Lisa, please read right away  Lisa Simmons
 Nov 10, 2005 07:03 PST 

It isn't often that I send a special note to you to
recommend a book, but this time I simply couldn't resist.

Pat Wyman, of HowtoLearn.com, has just answered the prayers
of parents who want their children to get higher grades and
test scores.

If you're in a hurry to learn all the details visit

I know you'll recognize Pat's name. She's America's Most
Trusted Learning Expert and a personal friend that I truly
treasure.   Several of her articles are posted at Ideal

She is also the author of Learning vs. Testing: Strategies
the Bridge the Gap. It is really a must-read for any parent
whose child is a hands-on or auditory learner that needs
higher grades and test scores.

Right now Pat is on a mission to help parents and kids who
are struggling to survive in today's classrooms. So she has
called in her friends and is ready to make a splash.

Intrigued? Well here's how it works:

If you get Pat's book, Learning vs. Testing today (November
10, 2005), from the special page that I list below, you'll
get a package of more than 20 bonus items from her friends
(experts in education, behavioral medicine, and lifestyle
change) - and they all come with the book.

Did I tell you this was an answered prayer? You and your
kids can experience personal and educational success with
help from some of the world's foremost experts for less than
the cost of taking your family out for lunch.

Visit www.howtolearn.com/learningvstesting.html to find
out exactly what you'll receive with Pat's book.

A little more about Pat's book:

Learning vs. Testing draws on Pat's 30 years of experience
teaching kids how to learn and offers simple, effective
strategies that will make sure that your child's test scores
truly reflect what your child knows.

She's already changed the lives of over 200,000 children
using the strategies described in this book!

Does this sound familiar? You spend all night helping your
child study for a big test. You KNOW they understand the
material. And yet you're both devastated when they bring
home another awful test score. Learning vs. Testing will
help you understand what's happening and CHANGE this
vicious cycle of failure into SUCCESS for your child!

Remember, all this applies only on November 10th. Get your
copy of Learning vs. Testing and find out how to claim all
the extra goodies by using at this special page:


Here's to greater learning success and a big boost in your
child's self-esteem level.

All my best,

Lisa Simmons
Director - Ideal Lives Project
Connecting Advocates to Answers
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