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From one parent to another  Lisa Simmons
 Dec 19, 2005 14:32 PST 

From: Lisa Simmons
Date: 12/19/05

Thank you for opening this email.

I know this is a busy time of year and I appreciate you
sharing a few minutes of your time. I'll try to be brief.

Sometimes during the holidays you find those special people
that are really willing to go the extra mile. This week I
re-discovered one of those people and I want to share this
holiday surprise with you.

If you've been with me long, you know how much I talk about
using an advocate's notebook to stay organized and "on top"
of all the information you have about your child. It really
is vital to have comprehensive, up to date info at your
fingertips if you want to receive all of the benefits you're
entitled to and get the kind of services your child needs
to be successful.

Still -- I'm a realist and I know that it's hard to get all
that paper into a useable format and keep it up to date.
Plus a single notebook won't always do it when you're
talking about education issues, financial issues, future
employment or housing issues. If your child is entering the
teen years that notebook probably takes a fork lift to get
off the ground!

And I won't even bring up those worries about what will
happen when your child becomes an adult and you are no
longer around to lead the way.

I've been talking with my friend Michael Frantz about some
of my frustrations in this area. I just felt like there had
to be a better solution. You may recognize Michael's name.
He has been answering questions about financial and
planning issues at Ideal Lives for quite awhile now.

Michael went back and talked with his partners at Provide
Care for Life. All of them have children with special
needs, so they really understand the issues and the
challenges involved. And I believe they've created the

It's a secure web based system that you can access from any
Internet connected computer, but more importantly the
system includes one-on-one guidance and support to help you
really get the most from the system (and for your child).
And it grows with you through obtaining government
benefits, getting an effective IEP, creating a transition
plan to adulthood, and developing an action plan to help
your child achieve their long term hopes and dreams (even if
you're not there to help).

So what's the holiday surprise? Well obviously this type of
system can't be maintained without cost. That really would
be a holiday miracle! But I have worked with these
extraordinary individuals and I know that they have done
everything possible to keep costs managable and they have
even given me permission to give you a SIGNIFICANT discount
through the end of 2005.

They really want to give you peace of mind this holiday
season. I hope you'll download and read through the brief
5-page information packet available at Ideal Lives and learn
more about this system.

I promise it will be worth your time. Here's how another
parent summed it up:

"The information shared with me in just one short meeting
was more than I had ever learned on my own. I would
recommend every parent with a disabled child talk with
Provide Care for Life. What you have done for my family is
invaluable." -Susan ~ Elkhart, Indiana.

May you have a peaceful and blessed holiday season,

Lisa Simmons
Director, Ideal Lives Project
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