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Important News from Ideal Lives  Lisa Simmons
 Jan 23, 2006 11:24 PST 


A much delayed "Happy New Year". I know it's been quite a
while since my last message and I do apologize for that. I
hope once I explain what I've been up too, that you will
find the wait worth while.

During my 2005 year-end review, I came to 2 inescapable

#1 - Lack of time is one of the biggest challenges facing
parents -- particularly parents who are raising a child with
special needs. So even when we desperately want more
information -- newsletters that offer large amounts of
information all at once are frequently set aside to read
when that imaginary time arrives and you "have a few minutes
of spare time". Sound familiar?

#2 - We all want to be well-informed, well-rounded people.
And if we had that imaginary "spare time", we could
certainly put it to good use learning all sorts of things.

HOWEVER, since we only have limited time to spend,
learning only about what is relevant to our current life
situation is a much better, more effective use of our time.

Based on those 2 conclusions I've decided to discontinue our
current newsletter, The Ideal Lives Express and instead
offer a new way for you to get quicker, easier, more
effective support.

Introducing a new series of topic-specific newsletters
entitled, "60 Seconds on Special Needs".

=> Because we all have limited budgets, all newsletters will
be provided at "no cost".

=> Because you have limited time, you select just the topics
that are meaningful to you and you will receive 1 short
email from me each week.

=> Because your interests can change, you have full control
to subscribe or unsubscribe from any list at any time.

=> Because you have to absorb information quickly, each
email will offer just one tip or resource == approximate
reading time 60 seconds.

=> Because we want to continue to offer one stop access to
multiple resources, each email will include a link to our
home page. If or when you need more comprehensive
information -- our full website will still be available and
new resources will continue to be added across the site as
we find them.

Currently 3 newsletters in our series are up and running:
1. 60 Seconds on Autism Spectrum Disorders
2. 60 Seconds on ADD/ADHD
3. 60 Seconds on IEPs

You can start receiving 60 second tips in these areas today
by subscribing at:

Newsletters are also in development for these topics:
=> Learning Disabilities
=> Sensory Processing Disorders
=> Down Syndrome
=> Cerebral Palsy
=> Assistive Technology Solutions
=> Creating an inclusive environment for your child

I will notify you as each newsletter is launched so that you
can subscribe right away if you are interested in that
topic. If the specific topic you need to know about isn't
on my list, please hit "reply" and let me know. I'll be
happy to consider other topics as well.

I hope that your new year is off to a great start and I look
forward to continuing to support your advocacy efforts.

All my best,

Lisa Simmons
Director - Ideal Lives Project
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