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60 Second News from Ideal Lives  Lisa Simmons
 Feb 16, 2006 06:44 PST 


I hope you've had a chance to check out the first 3
newsletters in our "60 Seconds on Special Needs Series".

I have to admit the amount of positive feedback has just
blown me away!

Comments like:

"I just signed up for your 60 Seconds emails. This is
wonderful! You've really put a lot of thought into knowing
what parents really need and I can't wait to get the next

"Thank you so much for your new launch. I am excited to see
some of the topics you've listed for future development.
The idea of a 60 sec read is exactly right for me. I
average about 50-100 emails a day for my job, so reading a
long one that is for my daughter is hard to find time for,
even though I'd rather read that one!"

"I love this and I have signed up for all of them. I can't
wait for the Learning Disabilities one......"

If you missed my last email and aren't signed up yet, it's
not too late. If fact you even have 2 more choices.

I have now officially launched 2 more topic-specific

Approximately reading time = 60 Seconds per issue.

You can now get short, concise, topic-specific tips on:
=> IEPs
=> Autism
=> Down Syndrome
=> Learning Disabilities

Visit this page to select the one(s) that are right for you:

If you have any questions about this new approach,
don't hesitate to email me.

Still in development:
=> 60 Seconds on Sensory Processing Disorders
=> 60 Seconds on Cerebral Palsy
=> 60 Seconds on Dyslexia
=> 60 Seconds on Assistive Technology
=> 60 Seconds on Disability Awareness

Also - I've got some BIG NEWS ...

Recently I spoke with 2 trusted friends who described their
experiences with a unique audio/visual system. They spoke of
improved eye contact, an increase in socialization,
decreases in negative behaviors and improved attention and
concentration --- all without medication.

I was intrigued. And I was even more impressed once I
read the Clinical Studies associated with this system.

If you or your children struggle with ADD/ADHD, autism, or
anxiety ... I encourage you to visit this page and read the
full report on this therapy:

All my best,

Lisa Simmons
Director - Ideal Lives Project
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