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A 60 Second Invitation from Ideal Lives  Lisa Simmons
 Mar 08, 2006 06:22 PST 


It's been awhile since we've talked, but life here continues
to be hectic and I'm sure it has for you too. Today,
I want to share an invitation with you, but first consider
these 2 questions:

#1 - Have you already spent time learning and "navigating
the system"?

#2 - Do other parents come to you when they need guidance
and advice?

If you answered yes, then I want to share a special
opportunity with you.

As of today, you have literally invested years of your life
learning how to negotiate the system successfully and be a
parent advocate. But every day another parent STARTS that
journey.... just as confused, scared, and overwhelmed as you
probably felt on day 1.

So here's the big question -- Would you like to use your
hard-won wisdom to help other parents shorten their journey
to success?

The Academy for Coaching Parents offers a unique way for you
to enter the growing field of parent coaches. In just 7
months you could be a certified coach with a specialty area
of coaching parents whose children have special needs and
earning extra income to help your own family.

It's an intriguing concept isn't it?

I invite you to work with me and the other Academy
instructors to create a career path that gives you freedom
to live your life as your choose AND make a positive
difference in the life of each family you touch.

Expert instructors will teach you the basics of coaching and
I will personally help you develop and polish your skills in
the specialty area of special needs coaching. This program
combines personal mentoring and coaching, teleconferences
and masterminding to supply you with whatever you need to
complete and execute your personal business plan and take
the "next step" in your life.

I know you will have many questions that I can't possibly
answer in this brief email, so here's how to find out more:

1. Visit the academy website at:

2. If you have even the slightest calling to seek more
income, have a new profession, or make a difference in the
lives of children, call Dr. Caron Goode (founder and primary
instructor at the Academy) and ask her any and all of your
questions. Her phone number is 254-694-6980.

*** Classes for the Academy for Coaching Parents began April
3,2006 ***

So I encourage you to take action if this email has struck a
chord with you.

Call Caron, reply to this email, or simply visit the site to
learn more.

I want to help you build more successful families in your

All my best,

Lisa Simmons
Director - Ideal Lives Project

P.S. Be sure to join the Academy announcement list to learn
about future parenting classes and opportunities at:
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