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Is worry about fall ruining your summer?  Lisa Simmons
 Jul 05, 2006 07:34 PDT 

On Monday I took my oldest daughter to camp. My younger
daughter got to go along for the ride, but while I was
enjoying 4 hours of beautiful Arbuckle Mountain scenery...
she was worrying about whether we would make it back in time
for her Tae Kwon Do class!

She's 10 and has such a strong desire to please the adults
in her life. Maybe your child is the same. They worry that
next year will be like last year. That they'll bring home a
report card full of Cs and Ds when they long to please you
with As and Bs. Even if they aren't talking about their
worries this summer, chances are the fear and anxiety is
simmering not too far beneath the surface.

Try this quiz:

=> Do you have a child between the ages of 9 and 17 who you
wish would get better grades and test scores?

=> Does your child seem to know information before the test
and then "freeze up" during the test?

=> Does your child struggle in spelling, reading, math,
writing or other subjects and is it breaking your heart
to watch them suffer?

If you want your child to know "how to learn" and how to win
the school game so he or she will be able to learn anything
successfully, then now is the time to act:

This summer, Pat Wyman, Best selling author, and America's
Most Trusted Learning Expert, is personally coaching
30 students to higher grades, during 8, one-hour telephone
classes, starting on July 11, 2006.

IMPT. NOTE: (If you're out of town or can't be on the phone
for any of the one hour classes, they will be online the
very next day to replay as often as you'd like. It is
summer time after all!)

Pat is only accepting 30 students this summer so each
child WILL receive the special time they need and deserve.


Here's what parent Maria Lua said about the time Pat spent
with her son.

"My son, Brandon, spent the last 6 school years suffering
and we tried everything. Nothing worked. He had terrible
grades, we fought with him at home and he and didn't even
want to try anymore. Even his teacher wanted to put him
back a year.

As soon as I met Pat Wyman, near the end of this school
year, she coached my son just on one of the strategies in
her How To Win The School Game course, and he got an "A" for
the very first time ever on his report card.

Pat spent less than one hour with my son and the results
were like a miracle.

If it hadn't been for Pat and her unique strategies, I don't
know what we would have done.

Everyone said my son was lazy and unmotivated, but Pat knew
better. He just needed to understand how the school game
is played, how to think, and as a result, he got the highest
grade he'd ever had-an "A".

My son is definitely taking the whole course this summer and
I've already recommended it to all our friends.
Thank you Pat!"


Pat sent out a survey on these classes asking her
subscribers (parents just like you) what they wanted most -
she listened and based the coaching classes on the hundreds
of replies. She wants the very best for your child and
knows there is always hope. Your child can succeed with the
right strategies and Pat is so accessible during this
coaching program that your child will absolutely have all of
their questions answered..guaranteed.

Hurry though - their is only room for 30 students.

Let's put your child's fears to rest and prepare yourself
for A's and B's next year...

All my best,

P.S. Are you wondering if we made it in time? We did..
just barely. My kiddo feels better, how about yours?
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