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Note from Ideal Lives.com  Lisa Simmons
 Aug 17, 2005 08:36 PDT 

The popularity of DVDs can save you money and help your

You've heard me mention Pat Wyman many times before. I
often recommend her products because she has such a heart
for families and she understands what it's like to watch
your child struggle. You see her own son struggled with
attention and learning issues for many years. That
experience along with her professional know-how as a reading
specialist have earned her the title of "America's most
trusted learning expert" and it's well deserved.

Recently Pat dropped me an email to let me know that she has
had so many requests for her products on DVD instead of
video, that she is making the switch.

How does that effect you? Well, it opens a small window of
time where you can get an exceptional deal.

In order to clear her storeroom of the last few set of
videos, she is letting them go at 50% off the normal price
until September 25th!

You can grab:

Super Teaching Strategies Videos


Gift of Dyslexia Videos

Pat is truly on a mission and her mission is to help your
child succeed in school. Both the Super Teaching Strategies
and Gift of Dyslexia sets contain 4 two-hour videos with
all the strategies you need to raise your child's grades
within the first month of the new school year.

Here's the catch!

There are only 25 video sets remaining of each course, so
you'll have to act quickly to get this reduced price. These
videos are without the plastic case holder, but do include
the comprehensive course manual.

If your child has dyslexia, ADD or other types of learning
disabilities that are holding them back at school, I
strongly recommend that you visit these two sites for more

Super Teaching Strategies Videos

Gift of Dyslexia Videos

Stephen Guffanti, M.D. says,
"There are so many practical strategies in these two video
courses that they have changed the lives of literally
hundreds of my patients. When children have been sent to me
for prescription drugs to remedy their inattentiveness or
inability to learn, I have referred them to these video
courses instead.

Rather than needing drugs to alter their behavior, what they
really needed was a way to succeed in school. Their faces
were jubilant when they came back after a month or so with
excellent grades because they had learned "how to learn".

Super Teaching Strategies and Gift of Dyslexia are
well-researched, easily implemented and a compassionate
approach that helps those children who need it most."

Here's my take:
If you don't care about fancy packaging but you do care
about your child benefiting from proven strategies and you
do care about saving your family money, then this is the
time to act:

Super Teaching Strategies Videos

Gift of Dyslexia Videos

Here's to a new school year filled with success for
your child!

All my best,

Lisa Simmons
Director - Ideal Lives Project

416 Frances
Enid, OK 73703
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