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[piano-@yahoo.com] What Farrell Till Can't Answer (1)  Errancy Archive
 Jul 22, 2007 20:27 PDT 

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Subject: [errancy] What Farrell Till Can't Answer (1)
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 17:17:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Darrel Henschell <piano-@yahoo.com>
Reply-To: erra-@iierrancy.com

In another post, I pointed out that McDonald
left himself wide open
 on this one. If he says that organ transplants
are moral because the
 Bible doesn't say that they are not immoral,
then someone else can
 say, "Well, the Bible doesn't say that
abortions are immoral."

The commands to love one another tell us it is
good to donate an organ to a person in need.>>

   As usual Gassy is too dumb to even understand
the questions never mind provide an answer.

Let's ask Farrell Till this same question.
Farrell, is it ok,
according to your system of morality (which, of
course, involves your pre-supposition of atheism)
to give an organ? Why or why not?>>

   I used to have a link to an excellent, very
sincere and quite well biblically referenced,
Christian S & M site. There were some Christians
there giving an organ to other Christians let me
tell you, and all backed up with extensive
reference to biblical scripture too.

   Point being (as I am sure everyone knows),
Gassy's vapid "The commands to love one another
tell us it is good to" ...fill in the blank,
couldn't be more vague and ambiguous and amenable
to condoning just about anything any Xtian wants
to do to another... including giving a sister the
organ. Oh look, here comes an example now.

"I was feeling sorry for you and thinking I was
doing my Christian duty by making love to you."
--Republican senator from Oregon Bob Packwood,
quoted from his diary, speaking to someone other
than his wife.

Bonus. This Book:

Sex and the Church: Gender, Homosexuality, and
the Transformation of Christian Ethics

Amazon review:
"In Sex and the Church, theologian Kathy Rudy
reevaluates traditional Christian positions on
both sexuality and gender and comes up with
surprising questions and conclusions. Is gender a
good--or even moral--way to evaluate a person's
relationship to God? How do we discuss the
morality of sexual behavior? Is the traditional
family the best social structure for a Christian
commitment? Rudy is respectful to mainstream
Christian beliefs but determined to pursue her
arguments even when they conflict with orthodoxy.
Rudy's text is smart, incisive, and fearless in
its attempt to locate the meaning and truth of
"morality" in sexual desire and everyday life."

   Why would a Christians bother to write such a
book considering we already of the inerrant,
objective moral truth of the matter written in
the Bible? Is there some question or something?
Something subjective going on? Curious.


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