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Re: Bounced  Farrell Till
 Apr 09, 2002 09:10 PDT 
I'm posting this to the list so that those who have Earthlink addresses
will understand why you sometimes aren't getting postings. I try to
remember each day to go into the system and turn on Earthlink addresses
that have been switched off because of undelivered messages that Earthlink
mistakenly assumed were spam, but sometimes when I'm busy I forget to do this.

As you will notice below, my old e-mail company (midwest.net) was bought by
Earthlink. Immediately afterwards, I began to have all kind of problems
after having had excellent service for years. I got tired of waiting on
line, at my own expense, for 30 minutes to try to get through to report the
problems, so I switched. I would rank Earthlink at the bottom with AOL in
quality of service. I find it hard to understand why so many people
tolerate these problems when they can easily be solved by switching to a
regional company.

At 08:38 AM 4/9/02 -0700, you wrote:
 It appears I have been bounced again. Sorry for the trouble.

You know that this is happening because of technical problems with
your e-mail service, don't you?

Mac: I wasn't sure. However, now I have a suspicion that this has to do
with my service provider merging with Earthlink (which happened about
two months ago). I will contact them to see if I can remedy the problem.

Well, that explains a lot. I used to have Midwest Internet as my e-mail
service, but Earthlink bought it, and the service went to pot. I finally
switched to another regional company and have received excellent service
ever since.

Earthlink prides itself on having a system to filter junk mail, but it will
mistakenly interpret several messages from the same address as "junk" and
will not deliver the messages. Topica will turn off an address after so
many undelivered messages, and I am constantly having to go into the system
to turn on Earthlink addresses that have been automatically turned
off. It's a big headache.

Now let me prepare you for something else. You have been told that you
will keep your old jps.net address, haven't you? I was told the same
thing, but after a few weeks, through which I had to deal with all sorts of
frustrations, I was informed that my old address was being changed to an
Earthlink address. My wife had been using fgi.net, which was a company in
Springfield, Illinois, but it too was bought by Earthlink, and she then
experienced the same problems. I switched to theramp.net, and then after a
few weeks, when her old address was taken away, she switched too. We have
both had good service ever since.

Don't let them fool you into thinking that your address won't change. It will.

Farrell Till
Skepticism, Inc.
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