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Primary school education must be improved: teachers often fail to
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 May 10, 2012 08:37 PDT 

JUBI, 2 May 2012

Many more primary schools needed

Merauke: The district head of Merauke, Drs Romanus Mbaraka has called
for an improvement in primary school education. Teachers must be
prepared to stay in remote places and accept responsibility for
improving the level of primary education.

He said that the government should provide the necessary facilities to
make this possible, in particular providing houses for the teachers.. He
made these remarks while addressing a meeting of head teachers of higher
level education.' We cannot put too much pressure on pupils at middle
school who are not able to do well at school, because the education that
they received at the primary school failed to reach the required level
and the children did not get the education they needed at primary school.

He said that all too often, young people who had completed their
education at secondary schools were not able to pass entry tests when
they wanted to enrol at tertiary-level colleges in Java because they had
not reached the same level as children from other parts of the country.

Such a situation represents a challenge for all of us, especially for
teachers who should be thinking about how to improve the level of
schooling available for children living in kampungs. If children receive
good education at primary school, it will be much easier for them to
pass tests to go on to a higher school.


Merauke: A deputy district chief has said that one of the basic
problems in the kampungs is that educational facilities are not
sufficiently available. The problem is that teachers prefer to stay in
the cities in order to get certificates for their own career promotion,
and earn a better wage.

Sunarjo said that he had asked the central government to provide the
necessary funds to pay higher wages to teachers in Merauke. The
certificates should be granted   step by step, making it possible for
others to stay in the kampungs and deal with the educational needs there.

He said if the government fails to provide the certificates they need,
this will make it difficult for them to improve their prospects.
However, teachers who fail to comply with their teaching schedule for
forty-five days running should be dishonourably sacked.
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