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List Name Islamism Mailing List (Islamism)
Purpose: Based on the belief that Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda, and organizations like it, will continue to be a threat for some time to come, the goal of this list is to produce a critique, including an Islamic one, of radical Islamism. Toward this end, we will discuss classical Islam, political Islam, fundamentalism (of any sort), terrorism (of any sort), Middle East politics, and anything else that can lead to an understanding of and response to violent Islamism. News items will be posted. Civil discourse will be maintained. There is a separate list where articles and essays related to Islamism are posted. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to islamism_articles-subscribe@topica.com. Articles can also be read by going to http://topica.com/lists/islamism_articles/read.
Website URL: http://paul.bullen.com
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Created: Jul 27, 2002
Owner: Paul Bullen
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Categories: Society & Culture  |  Religion & Spirituality  |  Faiths & Practices  |  Islam

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