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OBITUARY - Dr. Pierre Guerin (France)  Terry W. Colvin
 May 11, 2001 23:11 PDT 
Flying Saucer Review, Vol 46/1, Spring, 2001, p. 25


Dr. Pierre Guerin (France).

This noted French physicist and astronomer - perhaps the most eminent in France
of late - was long associated with the Institute de Physique in Paris, the
Observatories of Paris and of Le Pic du Midi, and was Maitre de Recherche in the
CNRS (French National Council for Scientific Research). He left us on October
7, 2000, aged 74.

He had only just brought out, towards the end of 2000, an excellent book (his
first on UFOs, so far as I am aware) - *OVNI: LES MECANISMES D'UNE
DESINFORMATION* (pub. by Albin Michel, Paris, ISBN 9-78226120229). The English
title would of course read no doubt like *UFOs: THE MECHANICS OF A SYSTEM OF
DISINFORMATION*, which suffices to tell you that, after fifty years of UFO
research and study, this top French astronomer had no doubt about the existence
of "les OVNIs" despite all the efforts at denial and cover-up - and these have
been very powerful in France throughout, due no doubt in large measure to
Monsieur Descartes himself.

So far as I gathered from our long contact with him, Dr Guerin was an astronomer
who - unlike so many - seemed to have found no difficulty in accepting what we
call "the E.T. theory".

Over the years we published in FSR 15 letters and articles from him, two of them
under the nom-de-plume of "Jacques Lemaitre". His last article for us, "THE
U.S. AIR FORCE, GRAVITATION, AND UFOs", in FSR 43/2 (Summer 1998), indicated
that he was a believer in the presence of an alien technology at Area 51.

Our condolences and warmest sympathies go to Madame Anne-Marie Guerin and the
large family of sons and daughters and grandchildren.

To Pierre himself go all our very best and warmest wishes as he proceeds on his
journey out amongst the stars.

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