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RE: hello everybody  Edward Gloucester
 Feb 20, 2007 03:19 PST 

Gatt wrote:

 Nice to hear from you, Gatt Man.

Yeah, it's been a long time.

 I'm still here, too. Farming, working at the hardware store, and loving
new wife of two years, Geri.

Congratulations! Best wishes for both of you!

 How 'bout you, old friend?

Been up and down. I was laid off from my job a few years ago, found a
job at a different company, became dissatisfied with the job and was
back to my old position...only to find that the company had been bought
by the one I just left, and that I was being put back on the team I had
left. Ironic, but it pays the bills. Except, they're phasing out my
job so
the writing's on the wall.

In the meantime I've learned a bunch of programming and by the end of
I should have my commercial pilot rating under my belt, and then it's on
a CFI rating so, at least when I'm laid off this time I'll have
interesting to do during the summer. My wife is working on a second
and has a year of school left, so we're just trying to get all these
projects done and tough out whatever happens in the meantime.

On top of all that, we have a six-month-old girl named Ellie who is of
course adorable. Spending the weekend with her grandparents, though,
because Sharon and I are heading down to New Orleans and Gulfport (just
time for Mardi Gras.)   That'll be the first vacation we've had in 19
months, so we're looking forward to unwinding.

Nothing else new, really. Little brother doing his second tour,
headed to Iraq but he's part of a Marine expeditionary unit so he can't
until he gets there. Based on what I know about the ship he's stationed
though, he's probably sitting off the coast of Somalia bored off his
but as far as we're concerned, it beats being in the Anbar province
which is
where he did his first tour.

Here's a photo I took flying around Mt. St. Helens a couple of years
Really looking to flying again once the weather calms down:
http://www.damnnearwiley.com/AdamsHelensHood72dpi.jpg    (except it's
captioned wrong. Should be Hood, St. Helens, and Jefferson is visible
the top.   They closed the airspace right after we made this flight
she started making noise again. Still is, really.

Can't wait for spring. Take care and stay in touch!




Nice aerial pic of Helen :-)

Eddie Gloucester
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