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RE: news from America Bikes 7-15-03  John Forester
 Jul 18, 2003 11:51 PDT 

There is no doubt but that bike paths and bike lanes are the popular choices
when Americans consider how to spend money on bicycle transportation. That
opinion is a clear demonstration of how little the American public knows
about bicycle transportation engineering. Basing decisions on popular
opinion regarding bicycle transportation is as unreasonable a prospect as
using popular opinion to decide on the thickness of the road surface base

The clear facts are that bike path systems cannot provide useful
transportation, and that bike lane stripes foul up the safe and logical
traffic operating pattern.

One might forgive the typical American for being so ignorant, because, of
course, he not only has no significant experience of bicycle transportation,
but has been the target of much propaganda for decades. However, there are
those who should know and should restrict their arguments to that which is
true. Those in the bicycle industry should know about the proper use of
their products. Whether or not they do know cannot be determined. What is
obvious is that the bicycle industry (the exceptions are minuscule) has
adopted the completely unethical stance of advocating public production of
bike paths for safe bicycle transportation when that cannot be a rational
solution to the problem, on the industry's assumption that bike paths sell
bicycles. Lawful, competent cyclists and their organizations should
explicitly and completely dissociate themselves from such a harmful and
immoral industry.

John Forester, MS, PE
7585 Church St.
Lemon Grove, CA 91945-2306
619-644-5481 www.johnforester.com
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