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 Lauryn's Light
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Lauryn's Update - Email form  M Haynes
 Jul 16, 2002 18:06 PDT 
I have been overwhelmed by life the last week or so starting with the
passing of my Grandmother. Everything seems heavy right now. So I am
forwarding Cindy's update on Lauryn to you via email and will update the
webpage this week with Lauryn's latest photo.

Please, let us pray that Lauryn's white blood cell count goes up
miraculously. She needs this to complete her chemo as Cindy explains below.
I look forward to a good report when Lauryn has completed her treatment.
Praise the Lord!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Lauryn and our family. God is so
good! Don't forget, Lauryn's update is just below my signature line.

God bless,
Michele in CT
Lauryn's Light -- 4yo niece fighting cancer


Dear Michele,

     This mountain is enormous...we are weary. Lauryn is approaching week
thirty-nine of her forty-two week treatment protocol. In a perfect
treatment plan the treatment weeks would coincide with the actual weeks "on
treatment". As we all know this is not a perfect world. The treatment
weeks can only be counted when Lauryn has received the scheduled treatment.
The scheduled treatment can only be given when Lauryn's body is ready to
receive it. I was told in the beginning of this journey that the farther
into the treatment protocol Lauryn got the longer it would take her body to
recover from treatment to treatment. She was doing so well staying on
schedule that I thought she would sail through until she was "off
treatment". Well, we hit the wall and now Lauryn is experiencing big delays
between chemotherapy treatments. Her bone marrow is tired and just isn't
getting her white blood cell count up to the level that is required for her
chemotherapy to be given every three weeks as prescribed. Her week
thirty-three chemotherapy treatment recovery period took six weeks instead
of the usual three weeks. On June 24, 2002 Lauryn got her week thirty-six
chemotherapy treatment...she is in that recovery period now. All in all,
Lauryn has been on treatment for forty-four weeks, but is only approaching
week thirty-nine of her treatment protocol. Clear as mud?

     So many special people renew our spirits everyday with prayers, "Heart
to Heart" blood donations, sweet thoughts, words & hugs. Lauryn is
scheduled to get her last inpatient chemotherapy treatment on July 18, 2002.
Only the Lord knows if she will make that scheduled treatment on 'our
time'...while we are waiting we will hold hands, enjoy each moment and
follow His guiding light.

Thank you all for your strong support and walking the journey with us.

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