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Smile - its newsletter time! 189  John Finley
 Jun 15, 2009 12:57 PDT 

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John Finley's Learn English newsletter      
Monday 15 June 2009     2009    Issue No. 189



1.   Welcome
2.   Test
3.   Idiom
4.   Jokes
5.   Test Answers
6.   Subscribe/Unsubscribe information
7.   That's all folks

1. Welcome


It seems 2009 isn't going to be my year!

Last Tuesday lunchtime the skin around my left elbow
started swelling (and hurting) so I went to the
doctor's in the late afternoon. At that stage the
lump was about the size of a golf ball and the doctor
prescribed me some antibiotics.

On Wednesday morning about half my arm was swollen,
on Thursday two thirds, and on Friday from my wrist
upwards it was very swollen. It hurt too.

So, it was off to the doctor's again, who sent me to
a hospital clinic. There, they drained a little of the
'liquid' from the elbow area to see if it was filled
with pus - luckily it wasn't - and prescribed me some
anti-inflammatory painkillers as well (and another
medicine to protect my stomach as the painkillers can
have strong side-effects!).

On Sunday the swelling and pain finally started to decrease
and today it's much, much better. I went back to the
hospital clinic this morning for another check-up and
the staff (two doctors and four nurses!) spent more time
talking to my three-year-old sons Daniel and Jakob than
they did to me. I've to keep taking the tablets for a
couple of days and go back if it gets worse.

Two months ago a nurse gave them both a disposable
syringe when they visited me in hospital after my ear
operation, and so they asked for the same again this time.

I think they don't really care about what's wrong with
me or what the doctors do to me, as long as they get a
disposable syringe to play with!

I'm going back to work tomorrow and with luck the arm
will be back to normal in a couple of days.



2. Test

Complete the following sentences by selecting
what you think are the correct answers. Good luck!

1. She ..... a new car last year.
* did buy
* has bought
* had bought
* bought

2. I ..... in Vienna for almost five years.
* live
* am living
* have lived
* do live

3. It ..... since early this morning.
* is raining
* has been raining
* rained
* rains

4. We ..... a new project in May.
* started
* have been starting
* have started
* did start

5. This year the company ..... a lot of money in R & D.
* invested
* has invested
* had invested
* did invest

3. Idiom

#-# to take a leaf out of someone's book #-#

This idiom is normally used when we tell someone
to look at what someone else does and try to
behave like them. It's often used with the structure
"I wish you would..." as in these examples:

- - -

Mary: "David, all you do is sit around watching
television. You never do any housework! Jane
says that her husband Michael does his share of
the housework in their house. I wish you would
take a leaf out of his book."

David: "Mary, all you do is shout at me. Paul says
that his wife Diane never shouts at him. I wish you
would take a leaf out of her book."

4. Jokes

A civil servant (that's someone who works for the
government) was sat in his office feeling bored,
as he had nothing to do. So he decided to tidy the
cupboards in the office.

After ten minutes he found an old oil lamp. He
rubbed it to clean it a little and out came a genie
from the lamp.

The genie said, "Thank you, Master. Because you
have freed me from the lamp I will grant you three
wishes. What is your first wish?"

The civil servant immediately said, "I want a big
glass of beer."


A big glass of beer appeared in front of the man.
He picked it up and started to drink.

The genie asked, "What is your second wish?"

The civil servant said, "I want to be on a beautiful
desert island surrounded by lots of beautiful women."


The man was suddenly on a beautiful desert island,
with lots of beautiful women around him. He was

The genie then asked, "And what would you like for
your third and final wish, Master?"

The man said, "I have the beer, the island, the sun,
the beautiful women. My final wish is ... I wish I
never have to work again."


The man was suddenly sat at his desk, back in his office.

#-#-# <http://www.angelfire.com/on/topfen> #-#-#

While parking his car a man hit the side of the parked
car in front of him. Some people were standing nearby,
waiting for a bus.

The driver got out of his car, checked the damage,
and then wrote a note and left it on the windscreen
(that's the front window of a car) of the car he had hit.

The note read, "Hello. I have just hit your car, and there
are some people here watching me who think that I am
writing this note to leave you my name, phone number,
and details of my insurance company, but I am not."

#-#-# <http://www.angelfire.com/on/topfen> #-#-#

A farmer has a field of watermelons. One day he
notices that some of the local kids have been
helping themselves to them (they've been taking
watermelons and eating them).

The farmer isn't happy and thinks of a way to stop
them taking his watermelons. He puts up a sign in
the field that says,

One of these watermelons contains cyanide!"

The farmer returns a week later to discover that
none of the watermelons have been eaten. He is
very happy, but then notices that someone has
written the following on his sign,

"Now there are two!"

5. Test answers

Here are the completed sentences.
I hope you have all five correct.

- - -

1. She bought a new car last year.

2. I have lived in Vienna for almost five years.

3. It has been raining since early this morning.

4. We started a new project in May.

5. This year the company has invested a lot of money in R & D.

6. Subscribe/Unsubscribe details

To subscribe (for example, if a friend wants to get
the newsletter, or if you would like to get it from
a different email address), send a blank email to:
<a href ="mailto: learnenglis-@topica.com">

To unsubscribe, send a blank email to:
<a href ="mailto: learnenglish-@topica.com">

7. That's all folks!

That's all for a couple of weeks.


<a href="mailto:topfe-@yahoo.com">

You can read all previous issues of the newsletter at:
<A HREF="http://www.topica.com/lists/learnenglish/read">

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